Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fish: Not Just For Dragons

At the dinner table tonight...


Booker: Mom, did you know that people eat fish?
Me: Yep, people eat fish.
Booker: Not just dragons.
Me: That's right. Lots of things eat fish. But little boys from Arizona don't eat fish very often. But it's good to try new things.

By the way, How to Train Your Dragon is a really fun movie and seems to have impacted Booker in more than one way. Now our post bath time routine always involves a vigorous game of Dragons vs. Viking where I chase the boys around whipping them with towels.

Also by the way, I really hate fish. I tried though. I pushed it around my plate so that I might fool Mohammed. It probably won't work.


Grandma Jan said...

Your great-grandmother Elva didn't "particurly care for fish" either. Neither does your cousin Nadia.

Emily said...

Ok, that is just sick!