Friday, August 20, 2010

Amara Blythe


On August 16th around 3:30 in the morning I met Amara Blythe Newkirk for the first time. At 6 pounds 13 ounces, she is the picture of perfection. I feel quite blessed to have been there for her birth. One minute I was going 90 mph on the 17 north and the next minute some nurse was pulling me out of the fetal position and telling at me to take some photos of my new niece. Sure a lot of stuff happened in between, much of which I'm trying to forget- I want more of my own kids, remember? But the important thing is that she's finally here... and that she only has one Aunt. That's me. And I love her more than maybe my own children anything.

Watch this video. It'll be the best 7 minutes of your life. If you don't cry, there might be something wrong with you. If you're reading in Google Reader, you can click here for the slideshow.

To see the photo album, check out Amara over on Facebook. Oh and did I mention that my sister is a total rock-star? She is. A baby-delivering rock-star. I love you, Rie!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Booker had his first day of preschool and as his mom, it was a big day for me. And not because I was emotional about letting my baby go. Nope, Booker in preschool means a tiny bit of freedom for me. Sure it's only a few hours each day but I've been waiting for this day for four long years. And now that it's arrived, I can go grocery shopping with just one kid in tow (easy-peasy). I can work at the computer without someone begging me to play Who Let the Dogs Out over and over again while said someone uses my lap as a jumping platform. And maybe, just maybe I'll be able to take a nap every once in awhile if Ike continues with his 2-3 hour daily nap schedule. Yes, preschool is going to be good for me.

Oh and good for Booker too. Reading and writing. Singing and sharing. These things are important. Almost as important as mommy-naptime.

Joking aside, I'm really excited for Booker and all the ways he's going to change and grow. His teacher comes with some seriously amazing recommendations, so basically he better be reading Crime and Punishment by the end of the year.

Because it was his birthday week, he had to bring a poster about himself. I'll break it down for you: My name is Booker and I like Star Wars, Wallace & Gromit and Little Critter Books. Ike is my brother.

Booker and Miss Amber. I had to beg him to sit still long enough for a photo. Too many fun things happening in the classroom. Three cheers for preschool!!! Three cheers for the restoration of my sanity. Hip hip... HOORAY!