Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Play Catch?

This is a video of Booker "playing catch." It seems a little boring but you should wait it out- if you've ever seen America's Funniest Home Videos, you can guess what happens. Anyways, I'm posting this video because "playing catch" has become a huge part of my life. Booker absolutely LOVES playing catch. He woke up from his nap today and in his half sleep/half awake delirium he asked, "play catch?" Every night, as soon as Clark walks through the door Booker runs at him, hugs him and asks, "play catch?" Then he directs Clark to sit in a very specific spot so he can pitch the ball. While I'm nursing Ike, I must play catch. While I'm cooking in the kitchen, Booker is right there with me swinging his bat away. When we go to play group at the library, he mostly ignores the other children so he can play catch with his mom (it drives me nuts- we can do that at home!) Sometimes he insists on taking his bat in the shower or puts it under his covers at night. You get it. The kid loves playing catch. Maybe its just a phase, maybe not and he'll love tee-ball in a few years. Right now, I'm counting down the minutes until Clark walks through that door so I can take a break from playing catch. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

My kid watches way too much TV...

...and I delight a little too much in carving pumpkins. 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lilac Bloom

My wonderfully talented friend Erin has opened an Esty shop. She actually made those adorable little pea coats. Kate is one well dressed little girl! Check out her shop for more cool stuff. Seriously, you can't find handmade stuff like this any where else. Its amazing.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best Birthday Surprise since my Junior Year of High School

Ashley, Marie and Me at the Gammage

Well, it wasn't truly a surprise because I peaked online to find out why my sister wanted me to meet her in Phoenix last night (I wanted to know if I could bring my baby and also, surprises make me super anxious). It turns out, I definitely DID NOT want to bring my baby because she had gotten tickets to a reading with David Sedaris

Holy cow, was that fun. I laughed so hard, I cried. Marie laughed so hard, I cried. Dave Sedaris laughed so adorably, I cried. I wish I could have committed the entire night to memory and then recreate it here, because it was so hilarious. Most of the pieces he read were (for the most part) new to me. Like this week's Shouts and Murmurs and a piece about his most recent book tour. I had heard "Cow and Turkey" on This American Life but I didn't realize that its also in Holidays on Ice. I loved it when he read from his personal journal, sharing funny little observations he's had and interactions with people he's met on tour. My favorite, however, might have been when he read someone else's work- George Saunder's The Braindead Megaphone, specifically Ask the Optimist Marie was laughing so hard at this point that I was almost embarrassed. It was great. I also loved it when he accidentally misread something because he would let out the cutest little oops ever. 

After the question and answer period, we rushed to the lobby to try and get some books signed. It was too late because the line was a mile long and my breasts were reminding me that I needed to get back home soon. But I imagine that if we had waited in that long line, it might have gone something like this:

Me: MR. SEDARIS! Tell me, tell me- what makes me you so hilarious and so adorable?
DS: Well, thats a funny story...
Me: Could it be that your boyfriend, Hugh is a former foreign service brat JUST LIKE ME!?!?! Because you know, its not as glamorous as you think. I would much rather have grown up in Raleigh, North Carolina.
DS: (recognizes this for the lie that it is)
Me: Mr. Sedaris, can I put you in my pocket and take you home and share you with my husband, not in a gay way of course but in a you-could-make-us-laugh-until-we-cry type of way?
DS: Ummm, no.
Me: Ok, well then can I come and live with you in your quaint French cottage? I can help you outfit bee carcasses in armor of tin foil while Hugh plasters walls and plants vegetables. 
DS: Absolutely not.
Me, Ok, well then can I have that fake mustache you're wearing for no apparent reason?
DS: Sure. 
Me. Thanks
DS: Thanks for coming.
Me: Thanks for being so hilarious and so adorable. See you next time you're in Phoenix. 

And he would remember me forever and possibly even write an essay about me. So thank you, Marie for the awesome evening. But I must mention that this gift was twofold- an evening with Dave Sedaris thanks to my sister and an evening without my kids thanks to my husband. I was just a little bit disappointed to come home and find that life had carried on (quite smoothly) without me. Unlike his brother, Ike will actually take a bottle. Sigh. This is a good thing but I can't help but feel a little replaceable. Maybe my boobs and I will move to France even if Mr. Sedaris won't have us. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Circa 1986

Booker informs me that this is a picture of him. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chicken and Hot Dogs

I'm pretty excited for Halloween this year for a few reasons. First, I finally get to use these awesome costumes I got for $5 from Old Navy last year. Second, I think Booker is finally old enough to actually enjoy Halloween and I'll get to take him trick-or-treating for the first time. I can't wait. We've been discussing and reading books about costumes, trick-or-treating, pumpkins, and monsters (not being real, of course) in an effort to get him excited about the big night and to avoid any tantrums that might result from doing something new and strange. 

I have a feeling he's not going to like the chicken costume so much, so I've got a couple of back-up options. Thank you, Elaine for these Superman PJs (cape included)- Booker is finally big enough to wear them. 

And in keeping with our apparent tradition of dressing as a funny type of food for your first Halloween, Teichert will be a hot dog. 
Side story- right before we put Ike in this costume, Booker vomited up his lunch (he's definitely got his mom's gag reflex). We're talking chunks of hot dog launched ALL OVER the place. It still stinks of partially digested hot dog in here. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

I swear some days I get stuff done...

but, uh... not today.

If you can't waste 10 minutes here and make yourself laugh, you're just not paying attention.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fantastic Time Waster

Yes, I wasted about 20 minutes dinking around on this site.

No, I did not bill that time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Results Are In...

And today was a totally awesome day for the following reasons:
- We celebrated by eating at one of our favorite restaurants and getting gelato afterwards (pumpkin flavored and only 3 points!!!)
- We further celebrated by going to see Wall-E and Booker was unusually well behaved during the movie. 
- We came home to find that we had made Carly and Daniel's specimen of  the day

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Blessing

We plan on blessing Teichert this Sunday at our ward here in Tucson, any and all are invited to join us. It seems a little soon to be blessing him, but we wanted Clark's mom to be there before she leaves to go back to Germany. 
So this has me wondering- what do other people dress their baby boys in to be blessed? Girls get to wear those beautiful, long white dresses with bows in their hair or bonnets on their heads. And boys... ? 

With Booker, I just dressed him in some church clothes and I'm inclined to do the same with Teichert (I've got some adorable baby sized ties). But maybe people find that to be strange. What I find kinda weird, are those expensive all-white suits or tuxes that your baby is going to wear once. Is there some happy medium? Moms of boys- what did you bless him in?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

David's Wedding

I wish had taken more photos but with two kids and no Clark, it was tough enough getting these few shots at the temple. I didn't even pull my camera out once at the reception, which I'm really regretting now because Yaya changed out of her wedding dress and into one of the most beautiful kimonos I've ever seen. The sealing was lovely especially because the temple seemed so peaceful and quiet- getting married on a Thursday has its advantages. Clark and I were sealed in the same temple on a Saturday and ours was one of 72 sealings. Here are the few photos I took. I can not wait to see the professional photos my friend Weston took. With a bride as stunning and photogenic as Yaya, I'm positive they're going to be amazing.

I made a very quick trip up to Utah (Wednesday to Saturday) which was made even quicker when my sister (my driving partner) decided that being away from home was too hard so we came home a day early. My apologies to the friends and family I didn't get to see and my apologies to my poor sick Grandma who didn't even get to hold Ike once. 

But I got to see the people that mattered most- the bride and groom and my mother who flew all the way from Cairo. And I learned some very important lessons from this trip:

- Do not travel with two babies and no husband. Family can be helpful, but its just not the same as having your husband there to help.
- If you do decide to travel with two babies and no husband, buy a DVD player for the car and try not to feel too guilty about letting your toddler watch movies for 14 hours straight. And be patient when he asks to watch Nemo again for the sixth time. 
- Be prepared to make plenty of stops if you're road-tripping with a smoker. I love you Marie, but you needed a cigarette like Ike needs a breast... actually more often. 
- Ike likes the car. He would cry when we slowed down but slept like a rock as long as we were cruising along the highway. Marie dubbed him the "bravest of all the little toasters" because he was so well-behaved. 
- Weddings are stressful, but getting a cute new sister-in-law is fun. Added bonus- now I have an excuse to visit Japan.

Congratulations to David and Yaya!!! I'm thrilled for you both and I'm so glad I got to be there for all the fun. We love you both. 

Welcome Ayae Tueller

My little brother David got married in the Salt Lake temple last Thursday and I made a quick trip up to Utah to attend the wedding. I met Ayae (Yaya) for the first time a few hours before the sealing and she's delightful.
Although, I must admit that I have slightly mixed feelings about my new sister-in-law. You see, there's a one hundred percent chance that David and Yaya are going to produce children that are (at the very least) a thousand times cuter than mine. Sigh. 
I'll forgive her though, as long as she lets me hold those cute half Japanese babies and maybe if they have a girl, I'll even serenade her with a Weezer song
Booker and Ike better enjoy being the cutest grandbabies for now because I can see that their days are numbered. 

Thank You Erin!!!

Before I get to  blogging all the good wedding stuff, I have to show off this beautiful quilt that my friend Erin made for Teichert. I'm so honored to be a recipient of one of Erin's famous quilts. I absolutely LOVE the colors, the fabric, everything about it. Seeing this quilt made driving for 14 hours to Utah with my two kids (and no husband) totally worth it. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Speed Post

Margaret will have an actual good post when she gets back from David's Wedding. I haven't heard yet how the actual wedding went today, but I'm sure updates will be coming soon. Without Margaret to listen to my ramblings, you, faithful blog reader, will have to fill in. Some thoughts:

Holy Crap Cubs. You knew Zambrano is prone to melting down in high pressure situations. You do not run that guy out for a must-win game 2. Looks like it's going to be 101 years. Sorry.

No one lives on Main Street. No one. We should all be looking for a bailout for Downing St. or Oak Ave. or, my personal favorite, John Elway Blvd. You know what's on Main Street? Businesses. Big ones.

My Name is Earl is no longer funny. That show has nuked the fridge. It's done.

$85,000,000,000 divided by 200,000,000 is not $425,000 per person.

We all hate Washington. No one is going to change it as President. Upon what, exactly, are you basing any belief that one of these candidates is going to fundamentally change the system? The 35 year history of the career politician who has done what he had to to stay in the game, or the 10 year history of the career politician who has done what he had to to stay in the game? The idea of the Thrilla from Wasilla making a difference is only slightly less ludicrous than Joe Biden. And another thing: Joe Biden?

Assuming Utah takes care of Oregon State tonight (not looking good right now, but I can hope), and BYU takes care of business for the next couple of months, we could be looking at an absolutely epic U/BYU matchup.

The Rays changing their name from the Devil Rays and then becoming the story of the league has the potential to be the greatest sports metaphor for repentance ever. I need this to happen. Go Rays!

On the flip side - Scott Boras = pure evil. Someone needs to write a Screwtape parody with Scott Boras explaining to a new member of his Agency how to ruin a team's season and alienate a fanbase while making millions of dollars personally. I nominate Ken Jennings.

Tina Fey is hilarious. 30 Rock is definitely the best comedy on television. By a lot.

Tom Brady should win the MVP for getting injured this year. The Patriots went from a Super Bowl contender to a team that could win 7 or 8 games and no one would be surprised. Randy Moss may be soliciting a hit on Bernard Pollard on Craigslist in the next couple of months.

That's all I got. I'm going to go sleep now. Because I can.