Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Booker and Mohammed

Booker learned pretty fast that Su-su and Sayeed will fulfill his every request (even when his mom tells him no). Since this discovery, he has subsisted on a pretty steady diet of popcorn, brownies and hot chocolate. This afternoon when he disappeared for awhile, I found him sitting quietly in the kitchen observing Mohammed as he was making croissants.


Apparently when he couldn't find Su-su or Sayeed, he wandered downstairs and asked Mohammed to make him brownies. Can you believe this kid?


I think he has a new best friend.


Emily said...

I wish Mohammed would cook me brownies too. What's not to love about that man? And Booker is one smart kid. He knows who to butter up and who not too. Gosh, it seems like you've been gone forever!

And, that museum?!

Dan and Jan said...

Nice. Will you video how he makes croissants? I've alway wondered about that.