Friday, February 11, 2011


I feel like the pieces of my world are slowly coming back together. Hosni Mubarak resigned as Egypt's president. Our luggage was returned. Fergus has been found!!! Plus I'm almost caught up on laundry.

I'm shocked. It feels like nothing short of a miracle, an answer to Booker's prayers. I thought surely someone was keeping him or he had run into a pack of coyotes. We've been checking the shelters every other day (even checking their DOA files), checking Craigslist obsessively and calling around to local vets. We put up countless fliers in the neighborhood he went missing. Nothing. Since he was so well labelled, I thought surely someone must have decided to keep him or resell him. Eight days is a long time to go without being seen.

Nope, he was just running wild this whole time. Most likely hanging around the wash at River and La Cholla. He showed up last night at a ranch property near the area he was lost. The lady who found him couldn't get near him until today and called us as soon as she saw his tags. When we pulled up, he seemed to recognize our car. He hopped right in and collapsed into Booker's lap.

He's much worse for the wear. Full of prickers, some scrapes and scratches and thin as can be. We'll try and take him to the vet tomorrow to get him checked out. I think he just needs some TLC and several weeks worth of fatty meals.

Here he is the day before we left for Egypt.

Here he is today- much skinnier but back at home!

Thank you to everyone who helped find him. We are truly blessed with awesome friends and family who called around, filed reports, posted fliers and drove around the neighborhood searching while we were in Istanbul. We can't thank you enough.

The level of distress this has caused me is quite surprising. I had no idea I loved that dog so much. Booker and Ike are overjoyed that he is back. And Clark can't wait for him to put on some weight so they can get back to running again. Sigh. What relief.

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Diane said...

Nothing like the prayer of a child.