Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 4, 2008


Diane said...

Did you make that yourself or did find it elsewhere. It is DELIGHTFUL!!

Margaret Proffitt said...

I did not make it myself, I wish I had that amount of free time to illustrate! I found it on Facebook.

Rob-not-Bob said...

Wow. I hadn't realized that there have been no presidents with facial hair since Taft. Thanks for pointing that out.

This raises a lot of questions though: are people with facial hair experiencing increasing levels of discrimination? do people with facial hair constitute a suspect class or is discrimination okay if it is rational? is discriminating against people with facial hair rational? can answers to any of these questions be distinguished on the grounds that moustaches are not as icky as beards? ARE moustaches as icky as beards? does growing a beard make someone a maverick/washington-outsider? what does Mr. Clean (scrivener) have to say about all of this? did it factor into his decision to shave? why hasn't there been a post about this notable event? is scrivener afraid of backlash from the bearded class?

I could go on... but I should go back to work now.