Sunday, November 16, 2008

Most. Jealous. Sister. Ever.

I'm posting a video taken by my youngest brother Christian because I'm super jealous that he got to attend this event with my dad the other night. I'm hoping it will prompt him to start a blog of his own, because- hello, he's going to high school in CAIRO EGYPT for heaven's sake. He's got a plethora of cool things, a blogthora even, to share with the world. I won't mention how annoyed I am that my parents finally decided to leave the Persian Gulf and live in an interesting country AFTER I moved out. That's another blog. 

If you're not familiar with Sufism or whirling dervishes, take a moment to educate yourself. You won't be disappointed. Its kinda fascinating. Sufism in Islam is kind of like Judaism's Kabbalah but not as appealing to crazy celebrities (although, I don't see why not- it looks like a great workout). Anyways, he did a pretty good job filming especially since video cameras were not allowed. Thanks, Chris, for giving me a little taste of what regular kids in CAIRO EGYPT do for fun. I'm totally jealous. 

And on a much sadder note, I am the most concerned sister ever because my brother Danny is missing. I know its ridiculous, but I keep checking his Facebook page hoping that he'll update his status or something: Daniel is... safe and sound back at Heritage or even Daniel is... sitting in a jail cell. I don't care where he, I just want to know he's okay. Lets keep him in our prayers. 


grauntbetsy said...

We are doing the same as you here in Belmont. I have made Sam and Ben check his facebook several times. They think I'm nuts. He is in our prayers.

Joy said...

It kind of makes me dizzy....and sick to my stomach.

Baba said...

The short clip from Chris is just a snippet--that particular number lasted probably a good 15 minutes--it was non-stop spinning by the three dancers for that whole time.

Layla said...

Margaret, I hope your brother is ok and safely found. I will keep him and your family in my prayers.