Monday, August 18, 2008

Speed Post

With Margaret on Blog strike, I present for your enjoyment - Speed Blogging:
  • 1 cm, 60-70% effaced, -1. Membranes restripped. Ugh.
  • Dr. is willing to induce but not without more progress, and not for at least another week. Also willing to let Marg go past her due date. Good or bad? Not sure. Ugh, ugh.
  • I have received the first paycheck of my post-collegiate career. (deep breath) AAAAHHHHHHHH.
  • We saw Kung Fu Panda on Saturday. Skadoosh.
  • There is no way those Chinese girls are 16. No. Way.
  • We're settling into the ward. No callings yet. Amen.
  • We have pretty much settled on a baby name. We will let you all know what it is as soon as it is too late to talk us out of it. His middle name will probably be Blaine. His first name will probably be weird.
  • Booker is living off of Mac n Cheese, chocolate sippy, and corn. His diapers are... Spectacular.
  • The new season of The Hills starts tonight. Holy Crap we need to have this baby.


Rob-not-Bob said...

Is it really too late to talk you out of naming your kid 'Weird Blaine Proffitt'? That's just mean.

Your diaper description reminds me of a scene from the film Mr. Mom -- which I think should be required viewing for all parents.

the coltons said...

i don't know how you do it, but you guys make me laugh more in a post entitled "Speed Post" than any other posts, most of which have more planning time going into them :) did that make any sense?

to sum up: thanks for the laughs