Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Cervical Update

Dear Avid Blog Reader(s),
I'm sure you're DYING to know the state of my cervix and I'm here to tell you not too much has changed since last week. I'm still 1 cm dilated but I've progressed to 60% effaced and the baby is at a -1 station... he has to progress from a -4 (floating) to a +4 (crowning). As my doctor put it, "Whoa, there's his head... that is one low baby!" Hooray, I like low babies! He's pretty confident that I won't go past my due date and he also thinks I'll have a fast labor (good thing we live five minutes from the hospital). I'm not sure what he's basing that on, but I'll take it. I think my mom had fast labors. If I recall correctly, she showed up at an Egyptian hospital 8 cm dilated feeling a little off and quickly delivered Marie. Anyways, the more I see my doctor, the more I like him. Today he timidly suggested that I request an early epidural and I felt like Amy Poehler in this scene from Baby Mama. Enjoy... and I'll report back in one week.


sherry said...

Wait, didn't you at one point say you wanted to try labor without the drugs? Was that you? Woohoo for low lying babies! Let's all hope your doc is right. Sometimes they are, I hear;)

Michelle said...

Yea! You're getting close! I'm jealous... well kind of. I'm not ready to have another baby to take care of - but I AM ready to not be so fat :)
Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Margaret Proffitt said...

NO WAY! That must have been Tiffany. I'm all for the drugs. Maybe I'll go drug-free for my last baby, but not this one. Surgery for the first, drugs for the second, maybe by the time I have my fifth, I'll have a unmedicated, unassisted homebirth... yeah right!