Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pod Children - if part of the pod was defective

With the two boys so close together in age we had to throw up a quick comparison. Teichert's tendency for self mutilation makes it easy to tell who is who. Looking back, Booker had a real talent for making himself look just a little, uh...., affected. Maybe there is an Oscar in his future in a Rain Man remake. Maybe Teichert can do a Scarface remake. Can't you just see him yelling - SAY HALLO TO MY LIDDEL FREN!! - while waving around an enormous machine gun? Maybe not.


Shelli said...

C'mon, all babies look like aliens when they're first born. Or, rather, "breathtaking!" (aka Seinfeld). And you have to admit, Booker ended up pretty dang cute! However, I do find it refreshing that you don't have those parental blinders on. Maybe it was just a bad hair day?

Diane said...

thanks so much for taking time to write it all up and to post pictures. You managed to look fabulous even in labor on your way to the hospital. Congrats for doing it the way you wanted to. He looks so alert and awake. i can't believe how open his eyes are. Well done.

Emily said...

You can definitely tell those boys are brothers! The eyes are very different though. What a cute baby! I want to hold him so bad!! I hope you are adjusting and doing well. Please let us know if we can do anything for you.