Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lets go fly a kite

This is my sister flying a kite. It makes me happy for two reasons. First, these photos are straight out of the camera. It was that type of day. Blue skies and sunshine for miles and miles. But I could take or leave the blue skies and sunshine. What I really like seeing is my sister participating in such a wholesome activity. Notice that Booker is no where to be found. She's flying a kite for no one but herself and I like that. 

(But you know what I don't like? Moldy clothes. Will someone please tell me how to get mold out of clothes. We had a barfing incident at a restaurant in Kanab on the drive up and now some of Booker's cutest clothes are spotted with pink and black mold because I rinsed them out, threw them in a plastic bag and forgot about them. I've washed them once and the mold is still there. Laundry experts, help me!)




Can you spot the Y?



Unknown said...

I'd say bleach.Bleach will kill any living, growing, does not want to die thing.

KrumperKids said...

Beautiful! Marie, come fly a kite up here--there's this great place called Whidbey Island that is amazing for kite-flying. margaret, come along and take pictures of my family, ok?

Dan and Jan said...

You could also try vinegar. Vinegar will kill a moldy smell, maybe it will kill the mold as well. However, you might have already gotten rid of the mold and are left with a mold stain which could be very difficult. Good luck!