Friday, March 20, 2009

Jump On It

Vacations are hard on little kids. Their routines suddenly change, you expect them to be on their best behavior for your friends and you make them sleep in strange places. Ever since Day 2 of our Spring Break, Booker has been asking to go back to Tucson. So after a week of doing everything we wanted him to do, we decided to reward him and take him to Jump On It. It's basically an old warehouse that is lined wall-to-wall with trampolines... and bouncy castles. I'm pretty sure if I lived in Utah Valley, I'd be here once a week (kids under 3 jump for free). So for all your Utahns out there, head on over to Jump On It in Lindon before someone sues them and they're forced to shut down. It's a TON of fun and every little kid's dream come true. I wish I could have captured the look on Booker's face when he realized that by "trampoline place" we meant TRAMPOLINE place. If he has any concept of heaven at this young age, I'm pretty sure it involves Jump On It. More photos of us Jumping On It here


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