Monday, March 9, 2009

Are You Happy?

Thank you, Callie for lending us your dogs to walk on Sunday. Booker had a BLAST!

A little bit of background:
Booker's favorite question right after "What are you doing?" is "Are you happy?" What he essentially means to ask is "Am I in trouble?" For example...
Booker, are you stinky? 
You happy, dad? 

Booker, did you squirt Ike in his eye with your squirt gun? 
You happy, mom? 

All day long we hear, "You happy?" And all day long we reply, "Yes, Booker. Are you happy?" And he ALWAYS says yes...

Get to the point already:
Today Clark came home during lunch so I could go to a chiropractic appointment. He took the boys for a walk and they went to our favorite spot- a sharp drop-off into a wash. We like to go there and throw rocks into the wash. This particular activity could keep Booker occupied for a good 45 minutes. I'm sorry I wasn't there because I missed this little exchange as dad and son threw rocks:

You happy, dad?
Yeah, Booker. I'm happy. Are you happy?

Long pause.

No. My back hurts. I need to go see a doctor. 

Man, I love that kid. And also- man, its frightening how much he absorbs without me realizing it. 


Rachael said...

he is the CUTEST!!!!!


Layla said...

That picture makes me really happy for some reason.