Monday, December 12, 2011

Ho ho ho!


The other night my friend Carly texted me and wanted to know how I got my kids to look so good (as in not ridiculous) in a photo. I had to tell her the truth. I'd be doing a disservice to parents of little kids by allowing them to believe that this was a "real" moment in time. This is what I call a Frankenstein photo- five faces pieced together from four different shots. Seriously, boys? We couldn't all face the same direction and smile not make fart faces at the same time for one shot? Thank you, Photoshop.

If you didn't get a card from us, it's probably because you hurt my feelings by giving me some back-handed compliment about the bowling ball-esque nature of my baby's head. Just kidding(ish). More likely, if you didn't get a card from us it's because I couldn't figure out how much postage to put on the envelope to make sure it got to Caracas or Konstanz or Taipei or Katmandu. True story, true story, true story and YES true story. Man, my family is well-travelled. Most likely though, if you didn't get a card from us it's because Facebook doesn't list addresses and I couldn't be bothered or bold enough to track yours down. I wish you a Merry Christmas anyways! 


Carly said...

Ok, even if you imported an entire face, your child, at one time, made that adorable face. Your children are so, so, so cute.

Nancy said...

This is exactly my delivery style. :)

Merry Christmas to you!