Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Pinning

Have you heard of Pinterest? No, you haven't? It might be because you are male. Or because you have important things to get done. I'll break it down for you- Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can share ideas you find on the web and organize those ideas. You create collections of things you like and want to remember, things like crafts, recipes, cleaning tips, quotes, etc. It can be a whole lot of fun.... until you decide to go on a diet. In one afternoon, I saw recipe pins for oreos covered in cookie dough and an apple pie crust made from flattened cinnamon rolls. It's exactly that type of food insanity that forced me to take a Pinterest hiatus, at least until I'm done dieting. But not before I completed some Christmas pin projects...

First up, a Christmas card wreath. Idea found here.
I guess I was a little optimistic and made three wreaths instead of just one. Come on, folks! Christmas is in two weeks, get those cards in the mail so my wreath doesn't look so bare.
Materials needed- an embroidery hoop, clothespins, ribbon and a hot glue gun. Level of ease- pretty easy.

Next up, pencil monogram for a teacher appreciation gift. Idea found here, here and here, this one's all over Pinterest.
(Responsible parents do things like obscure the name of their kid's teacher on the interwebs, right? Sure.)
Materials needed- a shadow box (Michael's has buy one get one free right now), fabric or scrapbook paper (I used fabric), pencils, pencil sharpener, word strips (from the Dollar Store) and a hot glue gun. Level of ease- somewhat difficult but totally doable, especially if you have a husband who is willing to help saw pencils.

This one isn't really a project but I found the image on Pinterest so it sort of counts, right?
I used the free artwork found here to make Christmas gifts. You can download high resolution images of various LDS temples at that site. Print them, frame them, make a beer cozy. Or in my case, use this site to create ornaments for your tree.

Lastly, Elf on the Shelf ideas found here.
This one is sort of a Pinterest project fail is you ask me. The idea is that your mischievous little Elf gets into things while you're asleep at night. In this case, he's supposed to be taking a bubble bath in the sink. Except I only had half a bag of stale marshmallows in my pantry. The boys didn't care, they thought it was it hilarious.

What Pinterest projects have you been up to this holiday season?

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Carbonneau said...

LOVE your projects!!! I saw the card holder the other day and immediately wanted to make my own. the pencil gift is so cute and perfect and the elf on the shelf ideas on pinterest... what a great idea to share with other people what their's have been up to. SO CUTE! now, to make a list so I can pick up necessities on my car day tomorrow.