Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning, aka Procrastination

- I just sat down to write out my to-do list for the next few days. It has some unpleasant and tedious things on it. Time to blog, right?

- Last night during a discussion with the boys about what we can learn from the scriptures, Ike declared that "Jesus is spooky." Hmmmm. I blame Booker. Earlier he was explaining to me how Jesus uses "magic" to heal sick people. That conversation plus too many episodes of Scooby Doo may have caused some confusion for Ike.

- Clark started a fun new tradition in our home- the talking throne. Whomever is sitting in the talking throne (the recliner) gets to speak uninterrupted about whatever they want. I wish I had video of Ike on the throne last night as he timidly prattled on and on and on and on and on. "I... love... couches. Uhhhhh. I... love... babysitters. Mmmmm. I... love... puppies." We finally had to cut him off to get ready for bed.

- Here's a video I enjoyed watching. It has a wonderful message. It also has a shot of this young Bishop standing in the foyer of the Hyde Park Ward. It brought back a flood of happy memories for me. I turned 12 and started attending Young Women while we lived in London. This man explains that his knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon came gradually. Little experiences here and there, accompanied by the Spirit. I'm grateful for the small experiences I had as a youth that helped build the foundation of my own testimony.

- For my birthday, I asked my sister to give me some of her favorite skin care products. She did and my skin is looking better already. Thank you, Marie! It was a sad day when I realized that I'm getting old and I can't continue to use the same products I was using when I was 15. Noxzema doesn't touch my adult acne. Sigh. Have you got any good skin care tips to share?

- This picture warms my heart. My husband, the inventor. Last night, I curled up under the covers while the scent of soldering iron wafted through the room. Memories like these are dear to my heart.

- I'm on Day 5 of a no sugar, no carb, no dairy and worst of all, NO SODA diet. It's been really hard. I've always been a huge fan of Weight Watchers and I always will be, but I'm trying to switch things up. Even on WW, I was eating a lot of junk food. It's amazing what effects bad (and good) food will have on your body. Got any favorite recipes that involve lean meat and vegetables? I might even get brave and start incorporating more fish into my diet.

- Speaking of my beloved soda, I saw one of these at the Five Guys in the Atlanta airport. I want one for my kitchen. Here's an article that reviews all 127 different flavor combinations. I'd kill for a cherry coke zero right now.

- Lastly, it seems like I've been having a certain conversation with Clark over and over again lately. It starts with me complaining about how I dislike having any responsibilities outside the walls of my home and ends with Clark reminding me that it's good for me to get out of my comfort zone. I can handle the pressure of three little boys relying me, but my anxiety grows and grows with each new church assignment, photography shoot, drawing project, classroom responsibility etc. that I add to my plate. If I were the breadwinner for our family, I would probably die of a stress induced heart attack. I need to remind myself that it's good to have other people relying on you. How else can I expect to grow and change? On the flip side, I'm trying to master the art of saying no. It's a hard balance to strike. I have a lot of room for improvement. Here's to a holiday season that has the perfect balance of serving others while still creating happy and lasting memories with my own little family.


Petra said...

I only cook vegetarian food, so I've got a TON of vegetable recipes. (Can you have cheese? I know some delicious cheese-and-veggie meals!) Email me and I'll type some of them out for you. Or just go get a Moosewood restaurant cookbook; you won't regret it.

Margaret Proffitt said...

I should have mentioned no dairy as well. That's almost as hard as the soda. So basically I'm just eating lean meat, vegeatables and fruit. Vegetarian recipes would be awesome!

Diane said...

You have plenty of life ahead of you for projects outside the home. Taking care of three young boys is plenty of "outside the comfort zone."

Struvy said...

made this:
the other day, and it was pretty much amazing.

I'd check out crockpot Veg/Vegan cookbooks or site, cause they are easy-peasy and oh so yummy.