Sunday, April 5, 2009

A good week, a bad week

Remember these Manjays? Not these ones. These ones. It seems like just yesterday that I found them at a thrift store and ran home to put them on Booker, laughing all the way. My two boys are growing up so fast! 

It's been one of those great/horrible weeks. On the one hand, Booker has done really well with potty training except for a couple of incidents that occurred over at friends' houses. Naturally. He's even been accident free at the gym daycare where they refuse to help kids out in the bathroom. On the other hand, he's been terribly mean to his brother and increasingly violent: 

Booker- "Dad, don't shoot people. Just Mommy." 

and also

Clark- "Booker, we don't shoot people." 
Booker- "But, Dad, I NEED to."

I don't know where he gets it. The other day, I let him watch Mulan and when the Huns arrived, he ran to his room to get his light saber. I blame Disney. He's also having trouble realizing that Teichert likes toys just as much as he does, as seen here. We've suffered through several timeouts a day and Booker still takes everything away from his brother. 

Ike is taking it all in stride. He only cries a little bit when he gets hit and just acts confused when the toy that was in his hand suddenly disappears. He's crawling/belly scooting all over the place, loves gnawing/sucking on stuff (still no teeth though) and is generally a happy little guy. If I need to get something done, I can put him in his high chair with some Cheerios and he'll be content until his supply runs out. 

Other reasons this has been a good week? I got a calling in Young Women's that I'm really excited about. On Friday night, one of my favorite Young Women came over last minute so that Clark and I could go see a movie. We desperately needed a night out. We went and saw Adventureland. I liked it a lot. We also looked at houses this weekend and felt overwhelmed/excited with all of our options. I hear it might be a good time to buy a house. 

And finally, this week we witnessed some signs of Spring (they'll probably be replaced tomorrow with 100 degree temperatures, but oh well.) The weather is awesome and everything in Tucson is yellow, yellow, yellow. 


The Burtons said...

Oh, I feel some much better that my two-year-old isn't the only one who feel the need to strike people down. Maybe it's just the age. I'm almost positive that being mean to the younger sibling when you're two is normal. Or, at least, normal for us. Isaac was nice to Sam when he was born, but he was over three years old and he's naturally not do you say it nicely... mean.
Just the other day Isaac was asking to play with Booger. We need to come see you!
Good luck with house shopping! So fun and stressful!!! Pick the house without crazy neighbors with large dogs.

the coltons said...

so are you guys renting the place you're in? or are you ready to move on to something else and try to sell it?

it's all a little overwhelming - thinking about looking for a house :)

i hear ya on the great/horrible week!

the coltons said...

ok, nevermind - i just found your old post from moving into current home :)

Emily said...

Those manjays are PERFECT!! I love it!

Sorry about having to cancel our get-together. I was super bummed. The kids were even more bummed. Sarah threw the hugest tantrum when she heard Booker wasn't coming over.

We need to do some playdates with the kids. Maybe we can take turns having Booker and Rachel? I'm sure we could both use the break:)