Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Skank Trek: The Next Generation

So I was up in the gym just working on my fitness Tuesday morning. I was doing a step machine or something up in the front when a girl walked by. She looked like she must have been 16 or so. She also looked like she was looking for a pole to dance on to get her cardio in. She had on these tiny little low-riding hoochie shorts that said something on the booty and a short tank top. I took a break from the machine to weep for the future for a minute. I get that sports attire is different from regular clothes, and no one wants to wear excessive clothes in Arizona in the Summer, but there has got to be a line and she was way over it.

Then she met up with who I can only assume was her mother. Forties, bleach blond hair, boob job, the EXACT SAME hoochie shorts, (though they may have said something different on the bum, I wasn't paying THAT much attention) shoes, and a sports bra. That's it. That's all.

It seems like I have moments like this every week or so. Something that is simultaneously unusual and stereotypical that makes me want to pick up and move to New Zealand and leave all of our televisions behind.

It also makes me wonder what kind of things I'm doing that may elicit the same sort of reactions in other people. I'm not personally a big fan of hoochie shorts, but what if someone sees Booker yell at me when I try to get him to do something at the grocery store. If I were an objective observer watching myself parenting all day I might fear a little for the future. Maybe I'll make a goal to be less judgmental. In New Zealand.

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