Monday, June 16, 2008

The Scariest Tag Ever

Alright, if you're going to do this tag then NO CHEATING. That means no cleaning up or hiding stuff. No running a brush through your hair or hiding the big bag of cheetos on the coffee table. Half our house is already packed up so things either look quite neat or rather messy. Here goes nothing...

A self-portrait
Yikes. I told you this was a scary tag. 

Clark's closet. Its a disaster. That is actually a wet towel on the floor. Shameful.
My closet. It may not look much better, but I swear it is. 

The Refrigerator
Plenty of Diet Cokes. Safeway had a buy 2 get 3 free special! Kinda pathetic how little produce I have. There's a watermelon sitting on the counter. I promise, we eat fresh fruits and veggies. 

The messiest room in the house
That's probably a toss up between Clark's closet and Booker's toy room. And this is his toy room with most of his toys packed. 

The kitchen sink
No dishes in the sink. That's a huge pet peeve of mine. Just put them in the dishwasher!

Laundry Room
Nothing special really. Some clean towels after our trip to the pool on Friday. Fascinating.

Favorite Room
My bedroom, where the bed is almost always made. Getting into an unmade bed is like putting on dirty underwear. Gross. I love our bedroom because we have a TV in there and I just LOVE getting into bed with Clark and watching TV before we fall asleep. Sometimes I totally forget all about Booker sleeping in the other room. My bedroom really should be a Booker-free zone but unfortunately its his favorite place to play. Last night, when I climbed into bed I found a stash of his toy cars (like 20 of them) hiding under my covers along with every remote in the house. Totally not cool, Booker.
It may not be my favorite room, but this is probably where we spend most of our time. The TV room. Yes, that is Booker's pink stroller hanging out. He likes to put his balls in it and push them around the house. 
What the kids are doing right now
Sleeping peacefully. Tonight, Booker insisted on bringing all his balls to bed with him. Fine with me as long as he goes to sleep. 

Favorite Shoes
Anyone who knows me, knows I love my Reef flip flops. I have a black pair for black based outfits, and a brown pair for brown based outfits. Summer, fall, winter, spring- I've got them on.  

The bathroom
Again, nothing special. This is the guest bathroom. This toilet is dear to me because a few months ago we had a plumber come and tell us that it needed to be completely replaced and it would cost us like $600. Well, Clark and I decided to take matters into our hands and we fixed it ourselves. It involved removing the entire toilet and bringing it out to the backyard and literally flushing it out with a hose and flashlight. It was complicated but I felt so accomplished because now it works! And all it took was a a $10 snake from Home Depot and some elbow grease. Stinkin' plumber.
Dream Vacation
Clark's would be snowboarding and surfing in New Zealand. 
I'd say anywhere with a beach and no Bookers. 

Tag someone
This tag is pretty involved but also kinda fun so I won't tag anyone specific. But if my dad had a blog, I'd totally tag him so he could take a single picture of his hooch (trailer) and show us what its like to live in Baghdad. If you've got a camera and some free time, give it a try. 

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