Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Dear Mommy Margaret circa October 2006,

Remember when you dressed up your 2 month old as a possibly racist candy corn? Memory jog here. Well, you also carved him (your TWO month old) a very elaborate Elmo themed pumpkin that year. There was no photographic evidence (this was 2006 remember, did they even have iPhones back then?) but I remember because it was painfully tedious. You spent hours carving that stupid pumpkin. He was so "delighted" that he pooped his diaper and spat up all over himself. Because you know, TWO MONTHS OLD.

You continued the tradition of going overboard each year with Blue's Clues, Dora & Diego and Stormtrooper pumpkins. And every year, you wanted to punch yourself in the face. That's why when I saw these bad boys at Target this year, I grabbed them up. No more near finger amputations, we've had enough of those lately! No more sullen children sitting on the floor begging to "help" carve. No more frustrated parents and late nights crawling into bed with strings of pumpkin dried in your hair.

Unfortunately, Clark didn't get he memo and came home with a pretty cool Scooby Doo stencil that he printed off at work. So this year it was his turn to carve the stupid elaborate character pumpkin that our boys absolutely love and think is magical.

Which reminds me- I miss you, Mommy Margaret circa October 2006. You had so much energy and enthusiasm.

Yours in Mommyhood,

2012 Mommy Margaret with 3 boys and 1 more on way

(Totally kidding. I'm not expecting. But wouldn't that be a good explanation for all this recent laziness?)


Tiffany said...

For a minute there, I got so excited that you might actually have a girl! And no, you're not lazy. I've never carved anything more than a face with triangle eyes and two front teeth. My poor unfortunate children.

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