Monday, September 19, 2011

Washington D.C.

This trip to Washington D.C. was really fun for me for many reasons...


- My dad's swearing in ceremony. More on that later. But for now, I'll just quote my brother David who (when his wife asked how it went) said "it was very official."


- Familiar territory. Washington is a great town and one I feel somewhat acquainted with. The fact that we stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn made it even more familiar. That was our home away from home when we came back to the states and spent our summers in Northern Virginia. There was some nostalgia, especially as we sat in the State Department lobby looking at all those flags.



- Traveling solo. Well, for the most part. Asher is a great traveling companion. Besides food and sleep, he needs very little. None of this I'm bored when can we go? business from him. I did what I wanted when I wanted for as long as I wanted! One of my favorite moments from the trip was eating lunch "alone" (with Asher sitting in his stroller next to me) at the National Gallery. My goat cheese artichoke pizza was good but the best part was that I ate totally uninterrupted, with no where to be and no one else to feed. Bliss.


Asher is a traveling pro. Plus, he's super cute as the only baby riding the metro...


And the whitest baby in Chinatown. Little dumpling head.


Alright, let the D.C. blogging begin...

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Emily said...

You are so good at keeping up your blog! I have lost almost complete motivation.

Great posts! I love reading every little detail of your life cause I really super miss you!