Monday, August 1, 2011

Home sweet Home

We made it back from California!

But just barely. The ride home was more eventful than I would have liked. On Saturday morning, we packed up our camp site and decided to spend the day at the beach before heading home. It was a great day, so great that we didn't hit the road until 5:30 in the evening.

We made it to Yuma without incident, in fact everything was hunky dory. Everyone was hooked up and tuned out- Clark was listening to an audiobook (thank you, I was watching shows on my phone (thank you Netflix) and the boys were listening to Disney songs on the Kids Channel (thank you satellite radio). Even Asher was happily sucking away on his fingers while listening to the sounds of the beach (thank you white noise machine). Isn't technology awesome?

Somewhere between Yuma and Dateland, we heard a loud POP as one of our tires blew. Under normal circumstances, it stinks to have your tire blow out. But when it's eleven o'clock at night, you're in the middle of no where, it's a hundred degrees outside and you just spent the entire day at the beach, it REALLY stinks. Oh and your car is packed to the brim with all your hud. Then it super stinks.


We ended up having to unload the entire back of the car, which had been stuffed full of loose dirty laundry, onto the side of the highway to get to the jack. Then Clark worked on getting the spare out, while I paced nervously around with images of us getting side swiped/bitten by rattlesnakes/struck by lightening swirling around in my head. The boys were oblivious in the front seat watching shows on my phone (thank you again Netflix!)


And then Asher pooped.

And then my flip flop broke.

And then Ike had a meltdown because he was exhausted.

And then the spare was flat and needed air.

And then and then and then and then...

But it all worked out eventually. We're weren't too far from a gas station where we got air and lots and lots of water to rehydrate. The boys promptly fell asleep and we were back on the road again. We even ran into some Muslims at the gas station who had pulled over to pray on the side of the road.

I'm still feeling the effects of that late night. Still doing laundry. Still picking sand out of Ike's hair. But it was one AWESOME vacation. I'm glad to be home.

Coming soon... a million pictures from the beach.


Diane said...

Love, love, love Ike's curly hair.

Cassie said...

Oh my stinking gosh! We got a flat tire on the way home too! But when it's in Utah and cool, it's not NEARLY as bad. I'm sorry!

Kari Pike said...
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Carbonneau said...

apparently my mom was signed in :)
oh no!! so sad! I am glad you got home and didn't have any of those horrible things you were thinking actually happen. Can't wait to get back ourselves and back in a schedule.

Kironduch said...

We got a collapsed annoy on the way home too! But if it's in Utah and cool, it's not NEARLY as bad. I'm sorry!

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