Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Better Me?

In 8 weeks...

Well, that's the idea anyways. I'm starting a 8 week challenge and part of that challenge includes writing in a journal everyday. And since blogging counts towards that, you just might be hearing more from me. I'm looking forward to trying to get 7 hours of sleep each night Actually who am I kidding? I ALWAYS get at least seven hours of sleep a night. I guess I'm looking forward to patting myself on the back for something I do anyways. I'm not looking forward to giving up sugar and diet soda... for two whole months. So friends and family, I give you permission to publicly shame me if you catch me with can of Coke Zero in my hand. But not if it's my free day. Then leave me in peace to catch up on a week's worth of caffeine deprivation.


Anyways, since I only ever pull my camera out for Asher lately, he'll be the star of today's post. And he deserves it. He's my sweet easy darling little dimple faced chubba wubba. He's one good kid. Compared to his brothers at this age, he's easy as pie. Goes to sleep at seven every night. Sleeps until 4, wakes up briefly to eat and then back down for a few more hours. All he needs is his bippy and some white noise, lay him down and he passes out. None of this rocking and singing and holding business.


Clark keeps raining on my parade, but I think this kid is going to have blue eyes. He's convinced they'll change, but I think otherwise. He's got his dad's coloring.


And in the above pic, he totally reminds me of my brother David. Speaking of my brother David, I had to include this amazing picture of his daughter (and Asher's best frousin) Yuna. I'm obsessed with that little girl. She's a super baby. Super adorable.


I really hope Yuna and Asher will get to meet before they get too big. Until then, Asher will just have to hang out with his brothers and endure their crushes, er I mean, cuddles. I don't know how many more of their love head-butts this little guy can withstand.



Jennifer said...

If his eyes change to brown I'll be shocked. They look so BLUE!

Marie said...

Tomorrow will be four weeks with NO sugar and NO carbs. The first three days are brutal but then it gets easier. But no caffeine???? Don't know if I could do that.

emilymhjohnson said...

Those shots of Asher are ADORABLE!!! He even looks good natured! Good luck with the challenge, I'm excited to see more blog posts from you. You always have the best pictures and you talk about interesting stuff. No sugar, huh? Good luck with that. I honestly can't think of one thing I eat on a regular basis that has no sugar. I like sweet salad dressing for pete's sake. Peanut butter. Luna Bars. Honey wheat bread! Ketchup. Cereal. Any beverage! I gave up meat recently and I think that is much easier. Of course, giving up meat doesn't do much for your health and giving up sugar is really good for you. So.... remember me fondly when you are 134 years old and I have been dead for six decades. Seriously, though, good for you for taking up such a good challenge. I'm routing for you!

Julia Mar said...

Good luck! I need to do something like that. I've been eating crap lately. The no sugar is really hard if you're giving up all carbs in general. I was grumpy for an entire week until my body got used to it.