Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Thoughts

Since I don't want my last post before leaving for Cairo to be about Christmas, here's a quick rundown of what's been on my mind lately.

Venus of Willendorf. Remember your first day of Art History 201? I do. I feel like a giant Venus of Willendorf right now. I loathe being pregnant. Maybe I'll order this for Clark and he can cuddle up to it during the week that we spend apart.

Ike. My soon to be middle child. There's so much I want to remember about this kid right now. Things like how when he wants to get out of the bath he says, "Nipples. Bath. Done." Which is how everyone should exit the bath really. Man, I love that kid.

Traveling. I've done some crazy things while pregnant. Skiing, wake boarding, camping in California three days before Booker arrived. But nothing compares to traveling across the globe with two little kids (and no husband) while 6 months pregnant. Oh and did I mention that on two of the flights the three of us are seated in separate areas of the plane!?! I'm panicking. Or should I be grateful and pretend that I don't know who those whiney kids in the back of the plane are?

Tucson. I'm sure many of you have heard about the tragic events that happened here in Tucson last Saturday. I can't seem to tear myself away from the news, can't stop going out of my way to drive past UMC and just can't seem to shake this overall feeling of anxiety and paranoia brought on by something so violent and unexpected. I wish I wasn't so neurotic. In an effort to understand what happened, some people have had some less than nice things to say about Tucson and Arizona in general. That makes me sad. As a hometown-less girl trying to make a hometown out of Tucson, my heart is weeping but I also feel a great sense of pride to be a part of this community. And shouldn't that count for something? Because, seriously, I've lived in enough communities to compare... Riyadh, Saudi Arabia anyone? So thank you Tucson, for giving me the right to drive my vehicle and for letting me leave the house without my husband's permission but most of all, for proving to me that you are a city full of acts of love, bravery and understanding even during this awfully dark time. I'm proud to claim you as my home.

Adoption. On a lighter note. Do you like cute hair clips? Do you like the idea of two Ethiopian siblings moving to Knoxville, Tennessee to become members of one of the most extraordinary families I know? I like this idea a lot. And if I were expecting a girl instead of a boy, you better believe I'd be stock-piling these super cute, fund-raising hair clips. Head on over here to buy them or just to read a really incredible story. It will lift your neurotic, travel-anxious, pregnant/bloated spirit.


Bridget said...

Just in case you have me in the group of people saying unkind things about Tucson (in this post), I hope you read this post, because I wasn't trying to be unkind.


Emily said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you? Cause I really, really do! Thank you for being so awesome and supportive. What would I do without you?

Got the letters yesterday. THANK YOU!

NewBini said...

So I have to say I totally knew what you were talking about when you mentioned Venus of Willendorf is that strange? (what is strange is the crochet patten on etsy!) And had to laugh because I dread being prgo because I totally feel that way! Second, thank you for your 'positive' post about last Saturday.