Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

For 2010, I'm going to keep it simple.

I want to do less.

Yes, that's right- less. I know what you're thinking, "You're a stay-at-home mom, how can you possibly do less?" Oh, but I can...

And what I'm hoping is that by doing less, I'll be getting much more.

Less calories consumed, more weight lost.
Less time in the car and more time in the backyard.
Less of saying yes to other people and more of saying yes to my family.
Less time in the office room and more time in the toy room.
Less trashy TV, more good books.
Less time trying to get the perfect shot and more time just enjoying the moment.
Less fretting, more loving.

You get the idea. But just to be clear, I'm not one of those super-moms who does it all and is trying to scale back. Far from it. Nope, I'm just lazy and want to be a little lazier. Lazier as long as it's with my kids. I've always felt like if I'm not busy, then I'm not important. And this year, I want to care less about being important and more about being a better mom. So in 2010, less is more for me.


Julia Mar said...

I LOVE this resolution. Let me know the good books you read. I want to start reading avidly again.

Callie Proffitt Christiansen said...

Just so you know I think you are super mom and you should scale back. You have 2 young boys and most of the time your house is Spick and span and you make dinner. Then on top of that you take them to all kinds of cool places, you do patent drawings on the side, you design super awesome announcement cards on the side, you do church stuff and you still manage to count calories. I don't know how you do it. Oh right, its because you're super, see.

Spence said...

Nice post. I want to do less too.

Emily said...

You are such a great mom and it shows in how awesome your boys are. Great resolutions. I need to work on asking you to do LESS for me:)

Amelia said...

I agree! I'm all about being lazy...err keeping it simple in 2010. Just posted about something similar today, must be in the air.

Eli said...

I like it. Less trashy TV always goes a long way for me.