Monday, July 6, 2009

My Girlie Friends

I've got a lot to blog about (what with the AWESOME fourth of July weekend and all) but before I get to all that, I wanted to share a couple of photos of my very best gal pals from high school/college- Julia, Jen and Carly. We got together on Friday for a delicious brunch at Mimi's, some shopping, some fun at the pool and a BBQ at Jules' place. More of that here. I'm so glad my friends are starting to have babies- too bad they're only having girls. I'm thinking that both Baby Girl Moss and Baby Girl Nielson will be the exact right age to date Booker when he gets back from his mission, so Carly and Julia- they better be HAWT. (I would offer up Ike, but according to Carly he looks too much like George Senior from Arrested Development. Ouch.)

If they're anything like their mommas, they definitely will be.

Can we all just time travel back to high school when we lived within 10 minutes of each other and had all the free time in the world? We'll bring our husbands with us and have a grand old time. I love you girls!

Sometime between laundry and grocery shopping tomorrow, I'll blog about the Provo Parade, lunch at my Aunt Anna's, the Normandy Village of Fire and the Stadium of Fire fireworks. In the meantime, I need sleep...


Carly said...

It isn't a bad thing that Ike looks like George Sr.! Now I feel bad. Don't worry; I am just about 100% positive your children will be much better-looking than mine. We'll be begging Ike to give her the time of day

the coltons said...

i love george sr!! :)
looks like you had a great time with the girls - those are always the best! margaret, you look fabulous!!! way to go :)

Spence said...

He's covering up his mouth in this picture, but I see it just a little ;-)