Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for the following things...

- My sister, Marie. She's the only one I've got but even if I had another one, I think I would like her best. I'm thankful that she lives in Arizona and is willing to let us crash at her place this weekend.  Arizona's Christmas City, here we come. 

- These new M&Ms. I got the Raspberry Almond flavor to put in Clark's stocking and I can't stop picking at them. So yummy. Thank you M&Ms.

- My visiting teacher. She's an older lady who has six adopted/fostered kids. I don't think she could be more different than me, but when she comes over we always talk for over an hour. I'm thankful she doesn't try to share a message with me and doesn't come with a companion. 

- Skype and Google Video Chat. Thanks to these programs, I can spend half an hour nearly every morning talking with my mom, dad and brother in Cairo. Booker has gotten used to seeing them up on the screen and goes about his business in the background. I'm thankful that seeing them is no longer a novelty to him.
- DVR. I'm thankful I don't have to stay up late to watch Top Chef because I can record it and watch it while the boys are sleeping this afternoon. Was anyone else surprised to discover that host Tom Collichio is gay? 

- I'm thankful that Booker plays for nearly four hours alone in his room each day. Clark thinks I'm cruel for keeping him in there for so long, but trust me- he likes it and more importantly, I like it. I need it. We both need it. 

- The Heritage "Run Team." My brother Danny ran away again earlier this week and I'm so thankful that he was found in good health after a relatively short two days. 

- I'm thankful for empty laundry baskets (which last about five minutes in my house) and for clean sheets on my bed. I'm also thankful for dryer sheets. I use at least 3 for each load. 

- I'm thankful for the patent drawing work that Clark occasionally brings home for me. Being a mom is a pretty thankless job. Maybe if Booker and Teichert said, "Good job, Margaret" and handed me a paycheck every once in awhile, they'd be on my list today. 

- Apple slices with string cheese. This is a yummy snack. Try it sometime. 

What are you thankful for?


Hobbie said...

First I want to say well-done on your background. I really want to learn how to do that.
Second, thanks for the christmas card, soo cute! Third, we will be down in Tucson on christmas day and a couple days after that( i figured you guys will be here in the mesa area for those days, but..?) so if you will be in Tucson, we would like to get together if you guys are up for it......
and fourth (and most importantly), you are kidding about Tom Collichio, right?!? not that there's anything worng with that........but really????

Unknown said...

yes, I laughed so hard..."gay bear"! It is one of my favorite shows on the tube these days, well, besides Biggest Loser. But I am jealous you have DVR. We sometimes mooch off of Erin and Brian's DVR upstairs.