Friday, December 26, 2008

Proffitt Portraits

I promised my mother-in-law I would try and take pictures of all her grandkids who were present at Christmas day dinner (really it was just an excuse for me to use my new camera on some cute kids). Kids are way easier than adults anyways. Maybe one day I'll get over my embarrassment and take photos of all the adults as well. It was no small feat. Keep in mind that there are five families missing. Jacob, Wendy, Spencer, Russ and Cassie- I'm coming for your kids next! 

My favorites- Trigg and Andria, followed closely by Kinsey, Addie and Mitch. That's a lot of favorites. Its easy when you've got such good material. Your favorites?

The Evans

The Garns

The Dunyons

The Macnabs

The Proffitts

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Dan and Jan said...

Those are awesome Margaret! How nice to have talent AND a great camera.