Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weight Watchers

Its day one of being back on the Weight Watchers wagon and I'm excited for a couple of reasons. Things have changed a lot since I first did WW over six years ago thanks to... BLOGS! 

Weight Watchers has always been notoriously secretive when it comes to their point system, recipes, etc. But now, thanks to the awesome old interweb, that information is much more readily available. I still believe in subscribing to and paying money to WW Online (mostly so I can hold myself accountable to something even if its just my wallet), but now I can check out blogs like this one for yummy recipes and good grocery store finds like the 1 point alternative bagel that has 8 grams of fiber (thank you, Callie, for pointing those out to me). 

Anyways, if you're aware of any cool WW related sites or have any good recipes, please share them. I'm willing to try anything- like brownies made with black beans (not so good, in case you were wondering) and cupcakes made with a can of diet soda (much more yummy). 

Next step in my weight loss plan: convincing LA Fitness that Teichert is 3 months old so I can get back to exercising. 


Emily said...

I'm on the Weight Watcher's Bandwagon too. You will have to let me know if you find any great sites or recipes.

Diane said...

Margaret I assume you also know that Thomas English muffins has a low fat, high fiber muffin now that is 1 point with 8 grams of fiber. They are very chewy and delicious. Even Uncle Lant likes them.

Daniel and Carly said...

Margaret! Please please please call me when you are in Utah. We would love to see you and meet the turtle if he is coming as well.