Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank you Grandma & Marie!

My mother-in-law just left to go back to Mesa after staying with us for a week and the house feels so empty without her. I've had just about the most relaxing and comfortable week ever thanks to her. I haven't slept this much or eaten so well in ages! She was such an unimposing and easy house guest, which was exactly what I needed. I would take a nap and baked goods would magically appear in my kitchen- it was so awesome. 

But the best part about having Elaine around is how much Booker loved her! Everyday they would have "Cuzzi Time" and hang out in the jacuzzi for hours, throwing balls, learning how to jump from the edge and spotting lizards in the backyard. Booker pretty much knows how to swim now. 

She made this beautiful Noah's Ark quilt for Teichert. Booker loves to point out all the animals on it and I'm sure one day Teichert will do the same. Thank you so much, Elaine, for all your help and the wonderful company you provided!

I also want to thank my sister Marie for coming and hanging out with us. She definitely kept me happy and sane while I was waiting for Teichert to arrive. 

Marie made this cute (and wonderfully soft) blankie for Teichert. Its especially cool because it looks like a heap of lettuce when its all folded up. Love it. Thanks Marie!!!

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sherry said...

He looks different already! He's so cute! Can't wait to see him this weekend.