Friday, September 14, 2012

Returning Home

I've had a tab open in my internet browser for almost a week now, a blank blog entry waiting to be filled with accounts of Ike's recent birthday, Asher's latest antics and misbehaviors, Booker's newfound love of karate. And then some terrible things happened in a region of the world that has always felt like home to me and I can't seem to untangle my thoughts and emotions from it all. I find myself watching this video over and over again... weeping like a baby, pausing it to fill a sippy cup with milk or wipe a bum... then back to watching and weeping.

Clark often accuses me of caring too much. When I heard that Kuwaiti protesters were gathering outside the US Embassy and chanting that they wanted to expel the Ambassador, I called my dad to make sure his feelings weren't too hurt because mine sure were. It's a good thing his heart doesn't seem to bleed as much as mine. He just chuckled and then reminded me that he was receiving far more messages of condolence and support from Kuwaitis than calls for his removal.

Since I can't hop on a plane right now and give him a hug, I'll show support in other ways. I'm trying to pull myself up off the ground and get back to blogging so at the very least, the AmBABAssador can have some accounts of his grandkids to peruse between calls to Washington and security briefings. 

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