Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Time in BizTucson

A few weeks ago, Clark's firm had me do an ad for a local magazine. It was a rush job and I had to spend several hours at the computer ignoring my kids. At one point, Ike wandered into the office and chuckled to himself, "Heh heh. He's wearing girl shoes." About an hour later, Booker wandered in and asked, "Why is that guy wearing girl shoes?"

(I decided to ignore Clark's suggestion to give the "Africa" Isaac Newton dreadlocks.)

What the heck, boys?!? My kids think a pair of nondescript black shoes with a slight heel are "girly." Clearly we need more girls in this house.

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Anyways, it was kind of fun seeing the finished product. Pick up a copy of the Spring issue of BizTucson and turn to page 127 to see a smoking HOT pair of shoes.

I'm off to buy some hot pink six inch heels... with rhinestones. 

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