Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Asher's Photoshoot

Tomorrow is Asher's two week birthday, which means I waited too long to do his pictures. Even at 10 days old, he wasn't a very cooperative subject. No curled up, acrobatic baby poses for me. Nope, Asher had mind of his own and I came away from the whole thing with a terrible migraine. But it's done and now I have a record of his sweet, fuzzy baby body which seems to be changing every day. Before I know it, his ears won't be hairy any more and I'll be longing for the day when I could nuzzle into them. I wish I could freeze time.

My personal favorites...







And since I'm not satisfied with the photo quality of the slideshow, here's a link to the originals.


Carly said...

These are beautiful. Why can't you live in Utah so you can take newborn pictures for me?

Diane said...

I could have no more done that when I was 10 days post delivery than climb Kiliminjaro. No wonder you had a migraine. But totally worth it. If I ever get a grandchild, I'm flying you where ever to do the photos.

Ayae T said...

Some of the pictures looks like Booker... so cute. I wish you are here to do Yuna's.

Layla said...

Stunning! He is adorable.