Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post-Cairo Depression


I'm suffering from a pretty serious case of post-Cairo depression. My symptoms include:

- Complete inability to do laundry, cook or clean.
- Craving koshary, felafel sandwiches and fresh strawberry juice.
- Thinking the sound of the train is actually the call to prayer.
- Wanting to bargain over the price of my Subway sandwich.
- A sudden fear of wide open spaces.
- Disbelief when the people of Walmart don't adoringly mob my children.
- Keeping wads of toiler paper and small change in my purse in case I have to use a public restroom.
- Wishing there was more garbage on the ground to liven things up.
- Obsessively stalking my parents and little brother on Facebook because I miss them so much.
- Disappointment when I come back home and my bed is still unmade and toys are everywhere.
- Total. Lack. Of. Motivation. It's getting bad. I've got a few more posts from Cairo that I need to crank out, but I need to find the motivation. Once it's blogged, my incredible adventure will be over... and I will fill a bathtub with my tears.

Fortunately there is a cure and it's called CAIRO 2011. Now I just to convince Clark of it's effectiveness. I'm thinking of going back for the month of February or March this time. That gives you plenty of time to plan a trip and join me. See you there!


Struvy said...

Done. I will come with you. You should swing by Frankfurt on the way there, I would be happy to come and play back-up kiddie wrangler.

Cherise said...

I'll join you!! :)

the coltons said...

not that this EVEN compares, but i just got back from a fun weekend vacation without kids ... total.lack.of.motivation here too. i feel a smidge of your pain :) good luck! i hear it gets better once things get really bad :)

Amelia said...

why can't every day life be like vacation life. I think I'm going to have this when I return from my big American vacation this summer. Thanks for the reminder to preemptively plan some cheering up for myself.

Rebecca said...

I will totally be there. You don't mind if I stay the whole month do you?...