Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas


That was fun.

Really really fun.

Clark and I got each other the same thing (how embarrassing)- a house! And the boys, they had a blast. Teichert probably would have been happier if I had wrapped up a box of candy canes and gave him those instead of gifts. Booker, on the other hand, loved everything he got- especially the new trampoline. Evidence here. No, he didn't get a rubber duckie (he already has one, a pirate rubber duckie in fact.) Besides, a few weeks ago he changed his story and started asking for a "Star Wars."

We set the trampoline up in the dark on Christmas Eve. It was cold. I had to wear a light jacket and I think I saw my breath at one point. Afterwards we had fun with the camera and a long exposure. I told Clark to make a star and this is what he came up with. Looks like someone failed preschool. Can you believe this guy passed the bar? Yikes :)

Anyways, Christmas really was magical but I'm sure glad it's over. Now, it's the week of birthdays- Marie's and Clark's. Happy Birthday (today) to my all time favorite sister. Since I dropped the ball and didn't make a photo montage, I'll just have to refer you back to last year's. Watching that really reminds me how much I've loved growing up with you, Marie. Let's grow down together too.

And Clark your birthday isn't until next week, but you're not going to get off that easily. Watching yours reminds me that I'm one incredibly lucky woman. And also, Ike looks just like you!!! Which is perfect because he likes you better anyways. You may not be able to draw stars, but you promised to try and build me a sandbox which is a million times better. Plus the only thing you asked for was a set of chef knives, which seems more like a birthday present for me. Seriously? A husband who ENJOYS cooking? I'll take it. I'll take it for forever and always. Happy Birthday, love!


Spence said...

If he builds a sandbox, make sure he builds a cover too. Otherwise it will be the neighborhood litter box.

The Burtons said...

Happy Birthday Clark!!!!!