Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween Birthday

Halloween is such a great day to have your birthday. Do you ever worry that no one is going to do anything for your birthday and it's just going to feel like a regular ole' day? I don't. I had such a fabulous day and here are some of the highlights...
- I dressed up as a Bumble Bee, yellow tutu and all. And Clark gave me a remote control for my camera so the only pictures of me don't have to be of my shadows.

- My mom actually remembered that it was my birthday. Hooray! Although I would have forgiven her (again) if she had forgotten because she has a pretty good excuse this year. We even got to Skype with her and show off our sweet costumes. I told her that she ought to tell the trick-or-treaters that she's dressed as a Brain Cancer Patient. Get it? Because she's a Breast Cancer Patient. Hilarious, right?

- Clark gave me flowers. And waited on me hand and foot all day long. No dirty diapers for me.

- Booker drew his first face. I was so proud. Eyes, smile and even some hair on top of this little pumpkin. I just love it so much. Now if he would only stop making that face of his. You know the one, see above.

- Teichert finally decided to start walking on a more full time basis. Maybe people will stop asking me, "How old is he? And he's still not walking? Hmmm." And maybe he'll finally stop looking like I just dragged him through the dirt.

- I was surrounded by my loved ones as I blew out 25 candles and enjoyed take-out from Pei Wei and ice cream cake.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!


sherry said...

I love the first picture with the candles where you are laughing and Ike looks like he is about to blow out candles. Priceless. And just for those nosy people's information, Teichert is at a very appropriate age to start walking. He is very developmentally average, and a little above for a boy. So nener;)

the coltons said...

happy birthday, margaret! you're only 25? how are you 5 years younger than me??? had no idea :)

hope it was a great one!!!

daveandlisa said...

I'm so glad that you had such an awesome birthday! You totally deserve it!

Dan and Jan said...

You're only 25? You must be very mature. Happy Birthday, we love you!