Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Do you know where your little brother is right now? I know where mine is! He's here.

This morning I flew to Las Vegas, met up with my brother Danny and flew back to Tucson with him. Then we drove out to Ft. Huachuca, AZ. And he didn't run on me or punch me in the face even a little bit. Not that he has a history of punching people in the face, but I was transporting him to an all boys working ranch in the middle of nowhere.* So he wasn't exactly jumping for joy. He was, however, smiling more than usual. He was quiet, probably a little nervous about being in a new place but he seemed proud about where he's been and what he's accomplished. I'm really excited about this next phase in his life. And I'm especially excited that I'll get to see him more often. When I get a chance to visit him, I'm going to visit this, this and this (all in the area). Who knows, maybe Danny will get to the point where he can come with me. That would be rad.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to spend a day doing this- namely my dad and my amazing friend, Emily.

*My apologies to those of you who think the Benson/Sierra Vista/Tombstone area is not the middle of nowhere. But come on now, there are more rattlesnakes than people out there.


Rob-not-Bob said...

Ooh, are you going to see Tombstone's Stephen Keith?

Cherise said...

Sounds like a great day! You are an awesome sister! He must adore you! Who doesn't? Your'e awesome!

Emily said...

I'm so glad he's safe and sound in our own "back-yard." I hope he likes it. Let me know when you decide to go to those other attractions cause we wanna go too!

I hope you have an awesome time at the wedding! Can't wait for pictures.