Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome Ayae Tueller

My little brother David got married in the Salt Lake temple last Thursday and I made a quick trip up to Utah to attend the wedding. I met Ayae (Yaya) for the first time a few hours before the sealing and she's delightful.
Although, I must admit that I have slightly mixed feelings about my new sister-in-law. You see, there's a one hundred percent chance that David and Yaya are going to produce children that are (at the very least) a thousand times cuter than mine. Sigh. 
I'll forgive her though, as long as she lets me hold those cute half Japanese babies and maybe if they have a girl, I'll even serenade her with a Weezer song
Booker and Ike better enjoy being the cutest grandbabies for now because I can see that their days are numbered. 

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Dan and Jan said...

Don't shortchange your cute boys. (But when David and Yaya have babies, make sure to post pictures and we'll take a vote :))