Friday, October 10, 2008

The Results Are In...

And today was a totally awesome day for the following reasons:
- We celebrated by eating at one of our favorite restaurants and getting gelato afterwards (pumpkin flavored and only 3 points!!!)
- We further celebrated by going to see Wall-E and Booker was unusually well behaved during the movie. 
- We came home to find that we had made Carly and Daniel's specimen of  the day


Anonymous said...

congratulations to Clark. I know what a great accomplishment that is. I am sure that you are tremendously relieved!

Emily said...

Congrats Clark! That's a weight off, I'm sure. Glad you were able to go out and celebrate!

Diane said...

Poem written on the occasion of a friend's win in a rodeo event: (dedicated to Clark on the occasion of his passing the bar-- winning a rodeo bull ride is probably a lot like the lawyer bull ride)

You have waited for this moment
Now, at last, it has come true
You have finally reached the summit
And, I am quite proud of you
You are worthy of this triumph
No one could deserve it more
So, embrace this time before you
Filled with happiness galore.

You had trained for countless hours
From dawn ‘til the setting sun
Never knowing where the outcome
Would lead, when this day was done
You stayed focused on the challenge
While you prepared to compete
And the days ‘til now were worth it
Your win has made them complete.

Diane said...

PS Poem was by a Jill Eisnaugle-- not me, thank goodness.

The Burtons said...

Congrats to Clark! That is awesome! I've actually never heard of anyone passing it on their first try. But I guess that's why they call you a Proffitt.