Sunday, October 5, 2008

David's Wedding

I wish had taken more photos but with two kids and no Clark, it was tough enough getting these few shots at the temple. I didn't even pull my camera out once at the reception, which I'm really regretting now because Yaya changed out of her wedding dress and into one of the most beautiful kimonos I've ever seen. The sealing was lovely especially because the temple seemed so peaceful and quiet- getting married on a Thursday has its advantages. Clark and I were sealed in the same temple on a Saturday and ours was one of 72 sealings. Here are the few photos I took. I can not wait to see the professional photos my friend Weston took. With a bride as stunning and photogenic as Yaya, I'm positive they're going to be amazing.

I made a very quick trip up to Utah (Wednesday to Saturday) which was made even quicker when my sister (my driving partner) decided that being away from home was too hard so we came home a day early. My apologies to the friends and family I didn't get to see and my apologies to my poor sick Grandma who didn't even get to hold Ike once. 

But I got to see the people that mattered most- the bride and groom and my mother who flew all the way from Cairo. And I learned some very important lessons from this trip:

- Do not travel with two babies and no husband. Family can be helpful, but its just not the same as having your husband there to help.
- If you do decide to travel with two babies and no husband, buy a DVD player for the car and try not to feel too guilty about letting your toddler watch movies for 14 hours straight. And be patient when he asks to watch Nemo again for the sixth time. 
- Be prepared to make plenty of stops if you're road-tripping with a smoker. I love you Marie, but you needed a cigarette like Ike needs a breast... actually more often. 
- Ike likes the car. He would cry when we slowed down but slept like a rock as long as we were cruising along the highway. Marie dubbed him the "bravest of all the little toasters" because he was so well-behaved. 
- Weddings are stressful, but getting a cute new sister-in-law is fun. Added bonus- now I have an excuse to visit Japan.

Congratulations to David and Yaya!!! I'm thrilled for you both and I'm so glad I got to be there for all the fun. We love you both. 


Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun! But you're right, traveling without a husband is hard. And although family always promise to "help", that help only lasts 10 min and then you have 23 hours and 50 min to do the rest on your own. Hooray for husbands!

Unknown said...

Hey, I guess I'm blogging under my brother's name. This is Paul and Ally.

sherry said...

she really is beautiful. And Booker and ty will deffinately have some competition with their beautiful babies. Can't wait to see them! Hopefully they can bring some cute girls into this den of testosterone;)

Grandma Jan said...

Thanks so much for the report, Margaret. It IS hard to travel with kids and without a husband, no matter how helpful your sister is. By the way, I thought that you (or Marie) had made a Battlestar Galactica allusion. Oh, well. I don't know that Baby Ike would appreciate being called a toaster if that were the case. Thanks again!

Three Little Smiths said...

My mom and I are big dorks. I thought you were channeling Battlestar Galactica, too. If you haven't, we highly recommend becoming completely addicted to the series. I was like Marie on a roadtrip this summer, watching 2 or 3 episodes a night!