Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Blessing

We plan on blessing Teichert this Sunday at our ward here in Tucson, any and all are invited to join us. It seems a little soon to be blessing him, but we wanted Clark's mom to be there before she leaves to go back to Germany. 
So this has me wondering- what do other people dress their baby boys in to be blessed? Girls get to wear those beautiful, long white dresses with bows in their hair or bonnets on their heads. And boys... ? 

With Booker, I just dressed him in some church clothes and I'm inclined to do the same with Teichert (I've got some adorable baby sized ties). But maybe people find that to be strange. What I find kinda weird, are those expensive all-white suits or tuxes that your baby is going to wear once. Is there some happy medium? Moms of boys- what did you bless him in?


Daniel and Carly said...

I vote for a white dress.

Anonymous said...

Put him in a nice church outfit with a white bow in his hair. That should be plenty. :)

the coltons said...

when we have boys, they'll be blessed in those sweet sweater/romper things. i think they are adorable and perfect for a baby boy. just my two cents. it was so fun seeing you last weekend!

Emily said...

Yes, girls are definitely more fun to dress for their blessings. I usually leave it up to my mom or mother-in-law to come up with something lovely for my babies to wear. I wish we could come to the blessing, but with 6 crazy kids and the fact that I haven't been to my ward in 6 weeks, we can't.

The Burtons said...

I used a hand-me-down outfit that was pretty ugly, but it was free. My sister found cute outfits online at whiteelegance.com
I always want to spring and buy something fancy last minute but my mom reminds me that they only wear it for an hour (even less for us because we've blessed all our boys at home). I would bless him in whatever you feel most comfortable. He will look super handsome either way.