Monday, January 26, 2009

Tucson: Where Dreams Go to Die

Over the weekend Clark and I watched a movie (a comedy) that was set in Tucson. The movie begins as the camera pans to a city limits sign reading "Tucson" as a voice-over narrator solemnly pronounces that this is the city "where dreams go to die." At the end, the high school drama teacher tells his students to cheer up: "No matter where you go in life after this, it will always be better than Tucson."  It was a funny movie, but I couldn't help but be a little bugged. You see, I like Tucson. I would even go so far as to say that I LOVE TUCSON. Keep in mind, this is the girl who also loved living in Doha, Qatar and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But really, Tucson is great and here are two reasons why:

1. It's got a cool cemetery. I like to think of Tucson as a one-cemetery type of town. I'm sure it's not, but whatever. This cemetery has all the makings of a great cemetery- it's super old, it's Catholic and the groundskeepers just laughed as Booker climbed over gravestones and kicked his soccer ball around. 

Our apologies to Ramon E. Bustamante. He was a father so he should understand. Little boys MUST climb. 

Who says dreams die here? This guy is full of dreams. 

And he's so serious about them. 

2. My second reason why Tucson is great? The weather. Today is January 26th and Booker spent the morning in shorts and a t-shirt. It was glorious. Not a cloud in the sky. Oh wait, lots of clouds in the sky. But the good kind. Warm, fluffy clouds that love sunshine. 

So take that, Hollywood. Tucson rocks and those are only two reasons why. I didn't even mention all the cool wildlife or the fun hiking spots. When was the last time you saw a tarantula while you were filling up your car? That's right. Now go pick on another city. 


sherry said...

Those are some seriously awesome pictures. My favorites are the first cemetary picture with the palm trees and the last one with Book on the rock. I think I like the Booker one best. The first one may be more artistic, but I like the little guy. If I didn't know him I may have a different opinion...

Emily said...

"Tucson: Where Dreams Go To Die." That is awesome! I love that line.

Your photography is getting awesome-er. I super love that picture of Booker blowing that whatchamacallit.

I have a sick obsession with cemetary's. I have been dying (no pun intended) to check out that one you went to. I could spend hours and hours there.

Joy said...

Geesh, don't they have any parks where you live? Who takes their kid to a cemetary to play? Just a little strange. Cool photos though!

Bryce Christiansen said...

Your pictures are awesome