Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Rainy Afternoon

Location: McDonalds's Play Place
Menu: Happy Meal and Large Diet Coke
Goal: To finally read my camera manual without being bothered
What really happened: Booker got his first ever Happy Meal toy and named him Rupert. Rupert? Yes, Rupert. Rupert then proceeded to jump from my head to my manual, head to my manual. He took a small break while Booker ate an ice cream cone. 
New goals: 1) To convince Booker that Rupert does not want to join him in the bath tonight and 2) Read my camera manual sometime in the next... year. Curse you, Rupert. 


Three Little Smiths said...

It looks like you're figuring out that camera without reading the manual. I think we have 4 "Ruperts" in our house at this very minute. Do you need more?

Dan and Jan said...

Excellent photographs, as always.

Joy said...

Awesome photos! Seriously,who needs the manual? Man, bad luck. What kind of kid would rather bug his mom when there is a whole germ infested wonderland at his disposal?

sherry said...

We went to McDonald's on Wednesday and Brenley badly wanted a Rupert. Why? Because he has a purple collar. Making him a purple dog. They didn't have one. So she got a flffy poodle. If she sees Rupert she will be quite jealous. Excellent photos, as usual.