Monday, January 19, 2009

Highlights from our Weekend in Mesa

- The Suns game. Even though they lost, it was a lot of fun to be there. I'm pretty ticked that I accidentally deleted all my pictures from that night. I had a cool one of Shaq. Darn it. Clark has had a love-hate relationship with the Suns lately. Maybe the Cardinals will win the Superbowl and he can feel a little better about life. Thank you for the amazing tickets, Bec!

- Learning that Teichert will take a bottle (as long as his parents aren't around). Phew. Now I can go to Boston in a few weeks without worrying about him starving to death. Kid-free vacation, here I come! 

- The glorious weather. It feels and looks just like autumn right now. I love Arizona in the winter. Booker had a grand old time playing in the enormous leaf pile at Grunyon Run. Clark did not have a grand old time locating his shoes at the bottom of the leaf pile. 

- Finally catching a session at the temple. It had been a ridiculously long time since I had been. Living five minutes from a temple is nice. Living 2 hours is harder, especially since most of our trips to Mesa fall on a Sunday. Thank you to the Evans girls for watching Booker and Ike. 

- Watching Booker play with his cousins. As usual, we said goodbye to him on Friday night and didn't really see him again until we got in the car to come back to Tucson on Sunday evening. He spent the first hour of the drive back home telling us about all the fun things he did. "Bath with Trigg, Mom." "Fire truck with Daxton, Dad." "Booker is Diego. Addie is Dora. Baby Jaguar jumps on trampoline." I think Booker might shrivel up and die if he doesn't see his cousins every two weeks. 

- Seeing Cassie who was visiting from Utah. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of her. When I'm 8 months pregnant, I don't want a camera in my face. Even if I looked like a fitness model, like Cassie does, I don't want pictures. We're so glad she came and we had a blast hanging out. 

- Seeing this little girl- Abigail. I had to keep a close eye on her during family dinner. I was worried that bow was going to eat her face. Love it. 

- Spending a night without Booker. Thank you, Callie and Bryce, for letting him have a sleep over at your place. He wouldn't stop talking about Monty and Fergie and getting "slurped" by them. He had a blast.

- Getting a pedicure with Bec. Yes, I have plaid toenails with hearts for Valentine's Day. 

- Sweet pork tacos from Cafe Rio. Yum.
- Dessert raviolis from Macaroni Grill. Yum. 
- Homemade ice cream from Jan. Yum. 
- Getting a Wii Fit and paying less than a $100 for it- big thanks to our brother-in-law Bryce for finding it. They're impossible to find in stores. I was skeptical at first, but this is one fun game. It tells us Booker has a Wii Fit age of 32. His balance kinda stinks. And he's super FAT, as you can tell. 

We had a fun and full weekend. Today was mostly spent getting over my "Mesa hangover": unpacking the car, doing laundry and relishing in our usual routine. Spending time away from home with kids is not easy. Booker practically jumped for joy when I told him it was time for his nap/quiet time. Thank you to everyone who watched our kids, fed us and gave us a place to crash. 


Rebecca said...

I love the highlights! And your toes look great. I'm only sad I didn't get to see more of Booker. Even when he's here he's like a flash in the night - gone before you know it!

Emily said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!! I see Clark finally talked you into the Wii Fit. Pretty fun, huh?

Yay for Ike taking a bottle! That means extra freedom for you! We are getting exciting for our little getaway! It's gonna be here soon!

sherry said...

Love the pics! We are so lucky to have a great photographer in the family. I know it is hard with two babies. We did the exact same thing from Payson. But it is so worth it!