Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Proclamation to the World: Part 2

I'm almost ready to send my Proclamation book to the printer. I just have two pages left. I think this Saturday, I'll pull out my tripod and try and get a family picture of the four of us. Does anyone know a good spot to take family photos here in Tucson?

Anyways, I woke up this morning and had an email from Jill Means, the designer behind the pages. Apparently, she had several hits on her website from my blog and wanted to feature some of my pages on her site. It turns out we both graduated from BYU in similar fields. I'm a little embarrassed that she found me because she's got impeccable style and oodles of talent and I'm pretty average in that regard. Really, check out these custom family trees. They're beautiful. And if you're into digi-scrapping, her templates are awesome and so reasonably priced. 

So rather than email these files to her, I'll throw them here. The hardest part of putting this thing together has been getting Booker to sit still for photo. 

This photo and all of our wedding photos were shot by the amazing Weston Colton. 


Emily said...

That book is beautiful Marg!! I LOVE it! You need to tell me how you did it. Thanks for the link about the family trees. I LOVE that idea.

Layla said...

Your book is amazing and those pictures are brilliant! You have one good looking family!

Cassie said...

AMAZING pages. But you realize that they wouldn't be nearly as good if you weren't a fabulous photographer...