Friday, April 8, 2011

Strange Happenings

Since the next couple of weeks will most likely involve lots of bodily fluid talk (water breaking, leaky boobs, baby pee) and since I've lost my sense of shame (yesterday my doctor had to brush breakfast cereal off my mound of a belly when he measured my fundal height), I may as well share the following text message conversation with you. This is a much easier blog than the one I have been meaning to do, coming soon- the nursery that Clark built. In the meantime...


Me: Look at what I just unknowingly peed on.

Clark: Whatever, check out what you unknowingly peed out of you!

Me: Hahaha. And you thought I was pregnant with a human baby.

Clark: Joy was right!*

*Clark's sister, Joy had just texted him because she mistakenly thought today was my due date and wanted to know where the baby was. In the toilet apparently.


Nancy said...

Wowowowowow! First, you out your mom's lunch bag of feces. Then you post a (hilarious) eviction notice for your fetus. And then you post a brilliant shot of a lizard in your toilet.

I'm so glad I met you. For real. :D

Because I know you I just might die laughing!

Emily said...

Hahaha! If only child birth were that easy, huh? There would be no need for epidurals!

Ayae T said...

That was just too funny Margret. How can I be like you?!