Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Nest that Clark Built

Remember when we first moved into our house and my lovely mother-in-law came down to paint the horrible awful no good neon green splatter bedroom? No, you don't remember?


Well, we painted it a rather subtle shade of pink. Which I now know is a sure fire way to guarantee that the occupant of this room would be a baby boy. So a few weeks ago, Clark and I painted again and this time I decided to take inspiration from this cute little owl my friend Julia made for me.

I liked the green, brown and orange combination. So our nursery went from neon to pink to green with a brown/white stripe.

And now I can proudly present the nest that Clark built. I get to brag about it because I really didn't have much to do with it. This has been Clark's labor of love. Want some proof?

The crib that Clark found on Craigslist and insisted that we go check out despite being halfway to Oracle.

The "A" that Clark cut out of wood for me. Yes, we have most likely named our baby. No, I won't tell you what that name is. If you ask, I will probably lie straight to your face.

The dresser that Clark sanded and stained. Jan and Dan might recognize this old dresser as one they gave to us a few years ago. I'm really loving this dresser. It's just so big and now that Clark gave it a makeover, I love it even more.

The chalkboard speech bubble that Clark cut out of wood for me. I'm hoping this will keep Booker and Ike somewhat occupied while I'm stuck sitting in the glider nursing a baby.

The turtle nightlight that I laboriously shopped at Target for.

The changing table that Clark built. Yes, you read that correctly. He BUILT it. From nothing. Using his own two hands. I'm wildly impressed with this. The top shelf can be removed and we can maybe use it as a book shelf in future years.

The book rack that Clark built. Pretty much all of his projects started like this, "Clark, I need a book rack/chalkboard/letter "A"/whatever and I need it like yesterday. If I don't get this book rack/whatever immediately and executed exactly to my liking, I will be a failure of a mother to this infant. Please don't make me cry." And then he would disappear to the garage for a few hours or days (depending on the project) and then reemerge with exactly what I wanted! It was so convenient to be able to specify what I wanted and to get it so quickly. I'm liking this new hobby of his.

And a few more pics...



I suppose I need something for the window, but I'm not sure what. I wish I was seamstress so I could "whip up some curtains." It seems like women "whip up curtains" all the time and for a second I considered it. Then I realized how difficult that would be for me.


Clark built the white frame and the blanket is from Jules (it matches the owl). I think Julia whips up curtains in her spare time. This makes me envious.

Now all we need is the baby!


Marie Amara Tueller said...

I LOVE it, although looking at these pics has sparked my compulsive nesting instinct....again. MUST. GO. TO. TARGET. NOW. Ugh. No matter how hard I try I just can't get my house to look like a spread in Home and Garden magazine. I actually lose sleep over this kind of stuff. I can say this to you because I know you TOTALLY get it. Can't wait for the arrival of baby "A".

emilymhjohnson said...

Absolon? Aristotle? Aberforth? Aries? It can't possibly be Aaron or Andrew, can it? Abraham? Wait, I got it! ABEL!!!! Ok, I just know that's it. If I am right, can I have some Clark Proffit original furniture made for me? Because baby A's room is Adorable. It's Astounding. It's Amazing, Appropriate and Astronimical. In a word, Awesome. Good luck Margaret! Can't wait to meet this baby!

Layla said...

That room is adorable! I am in love with every detail. If I ever have a kid I'm hiring your husband to build us furniture, or at least sell us how to instructions. He has great skills!

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

it looks so great! i've been coveting those sycamore street press prints ever since i saw them. and i love the way you did the stripes. also, whipping up curtains is not something you should ever worry about doing....they're just too cheap at ikea!

Dan and Jan said...

I cannot believe Clark has such wonderful skills! Really, I can't believe it. Dan wants to know when Clark discovered he was a carpenter. The room looks awesome, even that dresser looks great! Tell me if you decide what you want for curtains and, if you want, I can help you sew it.

Scrivener said...

I can confirm that the baby's name will be Abel, but I should reiterate the "I will probably lie right to your face" part.

Julia Mar said...

I'm flattered. I've come a long way. When I was pregnant with H my mom was the one that did the whipping up of curtains for Henry's nursery.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this nursery. I can't get enough of those prints, the animal silhouette on the wall, and the furniture. It's perfect. Keep us posted about his arrival!
p.s. I think you're naming him Ari

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous! Can Clark come out here and use his skills for our yet to be "nursery"? (The "nursery" being a corner of our bedroom!)

Seriously, it looks so peaceful and calm and adorable. Perfect for your new little man.

Callie Proffitt Christiansen said...

Love Love Love it!!!

Emily said...

Are you kidding me?!?! Tell Clark that he did an AMAZING job and he's really making all the other men out there look like losers. LOVE it!!!

grauntbetsy said...

Yeah! I love the bedroom, and the baby blanket I'm almost done knitting will look so good in his bed. Can't wait to send it out to you.

blaine and michelle said...

Holy crap I LOVE those prints above the changing table. Did you make those yourself? So funny.

Amelia said...

I love the prints! Looks fantastic.

emilymhjohnson said...

I'm changing my vote to Atticus. Here's why: 1. It starts with A and I like it. 2. Clark and especially Margaret love literature and it doesn't get more classic than To Kill A Mocking Bird. 3. In the book Atticus Finch is a lawyer; Clark is a lawyer.4. "Atticus" and "Booker" kind of go together - continuity. 5. It's a bit edgy and so (it seems) is your taste in names.

Case closed.
I'm a genius.

(If I'm getting on your nerves just ignore me! I can't resist a good name game.) Go Margaret Go!

Scrivener said...

I can't even lie about Atticus. It's a non-starter. Ever since I read this takedown in Slate:

I didn't want to believe it, but it's true. Turns out, I'm actually kind of a total snob - and I haven't been able to really like To Kill a Mockingbird since...

emilymhjohnson said...

Well in that case I am stumped. I guess I will just have to leave you to your own devices to choose a good name. I just hope you can do a good job without my input.... :) You know, actually, I didn't think that criticism was that mean! But I'll admit that in general I do not think much of the art of literary criticism - the biggest reason I did not get a masters in English. By which I mean, go forth and name your baby whatever you like! Ignore me and everyone else! He's going to be perfect!


NewBini said...

Dang for a minute there I was voting for Atticus. But the nursery is spectacular! Also, if you find some fabric you like I will 'whip up' some curtains for you.

Joy said...

Holy Shiz! I can not believe Clark did all that! If you only knew how lazy he was when he was little...He must really know what a great thing he has and better work to keep it. I am more than impressed and I'm really sorry Clark, but I just had NO IDEA you had that in you! It is just the most cutest, fabulous, wonderful nursery ever! You cant name your baby Atticus, it would inevitably be called Attie. We have an Addie and yikes. I like Atlas but I think you already told me the name and I dont like it so really...whatever. Just get that baby in there! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. If you call at 6am and they tell you to eat dry toast and call again at noon, eat as much as you can for breakfast! They WILL starve you. Love you all tons!

valeri said...

i L-O-V-E the bedding. so much in fact that i bought the curtains because that's all i could find left of it at our store. i finally realized they aren't going to do me a bit of good with the windows we have. i'll give you a good deal on them!
(don't think i'm a crazy blog stalker! i'm friends with phil and jen.)

sherry said...

Clark, I am impressed ! I barely recognize that dresser, and covet it. Who knew you were a carpenter. Margaret, get me the material and I will make you a window treatment for that window. You deserve it. I wish I had your creativity. WHere did you get the sayings?