Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tucson Stake Girls' Camp 2009

Girls' Camp was a... 


That I'm so glad is over. 

It was extremely exhausting. Here's what I did when I got home yesterday:

- Cried for 10 minutes. I think this was a combination of missing Clark and the boys a lot (there was no cell phone coverage at all) and waking up that morning at 4 a.m. for a sunrise hike. 

- Next, I used the bathroom for the first time in a week (if you know what I mean). How on earth did my bowels know that I was home? Is that WAY too much information? Probably. 

- Then I hugged Booker a million times (Teichert was taking a nap), showed Clark my photos and passed out on my comfy, clean bed for a few hours. While I slept, all my stuff was magically unpacked and every last article of clothing got washed. I have the best husband ever. 

- Next came one of the best showers of my life. This was a wash-your-hair-twice and shave-your-upper-thighs kind of shower. It was glorious. 

- Then I had a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse where I enjoyed being the only girl at the table and forgot all about my diet. Yum. 

Boy, I am glad to be home. 

Don't get me wrong, I had a fantastic time. I'm really impressed with our group of Young Women. Each girl was so hard-working, so kind, and so much fun to be around. I thought teenagers were supposed to be sullen and ornery. They were all so delightful and pleasant. And funny- really, really funny.  I'm glad the only prank that succeeded involved dry ice in the biffy (an outdoor toilet) and didn't require any intervening on my part. 

Overall, I think my favorite part of camp was sitting around the fire pit (with no fire because they weren't allowed) and chatting away with the girls. The conversation inevitably turned to boys, dating, boys, kissing, boys and oh yeah, marriage. And boys. My only advice? Marry the nerd, not the jock. I don't think they took me seriously, though. I'm really excited to see what life holds for each of these girls. I hope they don't mind if I personally stalk them all for the next 10 years. Facebook should make that easy if we move out of the ward. Hooray for digital stalking!

Besides getting to know the girls, I'm also grateful that it was such an invigorating spiritual experience for me- one that I really needed right now. I feel prepared to make the trek to Utah where I'm sure my emotions will be running high. If I can take care of 11 teenage girls, surely I can handle my mother. Right? Let's hope so.

I may not have slept very much, I may have eaten a hot dog that rolled off a plate and into a pile of pine needles and I may have smelt like an armpit all week, but I had a fantastic time. I hope I get the chance to go again. 

Here's a little slideshow of all the fun we had:

And another one with views of the sunrise yesterday morning. Mount Lemmon is truly breathtaking and this particular sunrise was well worth the sleep loss and the freezing cold. I think you can see Venus in the first few shots. 


Kelly said...

hahaha, your hilarious. I am so glad were blogging friends now. Camp really was fun, well the 24 hours that I was there.

Nadia said...

You just lived through my worst nighmare. You're a good woman!

Emily said...

I'm glad you survived it and you had a fun time. Super good bonding time with those girls I'm sure.

Dan and Jan said...

What fun! I'm sure your girls were glad to have you.

Petra said...

Okay, so you know how you said you feel all weird and grownup for buying a house? For some reason going to girl's camp as a leader makes you seem even more grownup to me than buying a house. Weird. But congrats on surviving, and even enjoying it. I pretty much agree fully with Nadia's comment.

KrumperKids said...

No fair Nadia, you said what I was planning on writing!