Friday, June 26, 2009

Tough Enough to Wear Pink?

We were and we did. 


Wear pink, that is, to the Lehi Roundup Rodeo. It was Breast Cancer Awareness night and everyone, including the cowboys wore pink. What we didn't know, was that the Lehi Rodeo (voted Best Little Rodeo in the West) would be SOLD OUT. It's hugely popular, apparently, and everyone made us feel pretty foolish for assuming we could just show up and walk right in. 

Here's how it went down:

Me: Hi, I know you're sold out but I really, really want some tickets.
Nice Ticket Guy: Well, I'm not supposed to sell any tickets. We've got a few tickets left for tomorrow night...
Me: Yes, but that's my mom over there. She has breast cancer. She just had her first session of chemo a week ago, so she hasn't lost her hair yet but I promise that she has breast cancer. I'm not lying. And it's breast cancer night at the Rodeo and she's feeling REALLY crappy. We had to beg her to come and she really didn't want to but she did. And now we're here and we REALLY want to see the rodeo. She has breast cancer. Stage 3. Not lying. 
NTG: Sure, I believe you. But I just can't...
Me: And there, that's my sister-in-law. She's Japanese. She doesn't have breast cancer but she's never been to a Rodeo before in her life. Last night, we showed her some clips on YouTube of cowboys roping calves and children riding sheep and she thought it was really awesome/strange. Now she wants to see the real thing and then tell her family back in Japan all about it. There are no rodeos in Japan, only weird game-shows.
NTG: Uh-huh, you see, I can't...
Me: But wait, those are my two SONS. Yes, sons. They're wearing pink shirts because it's breast cancer night and they're too young to know any better, but I'm humiliated on their behalf. But we did it, we wore pink because it's breast cancer night, and my mom, well, you know about her. And my dad, he even went to D.I. to get pink shirts for everyone. And his shirt looks suspiciously not-pink. But that's okay. We'll forgive him. It's breast cancer night and we really want to go to the Rodeo. Please. Please. Please?
NTG: Fine, but I don't ever want to see your face or hear your sad story again.

Well, he didn't say that last part but he did finally agree to sell me some tickets. Probably just to get rid of me. The rodeo, as always, was AWESOME. My poor mom stuck it out and Yaya probably had the most fun out of all us. Although Booker had a pretty good time himself- climbing the bleachers, getting super sticky and generally not watching the Rodeo action. My favorite part? The Rodeo Royalty, of course. Beauty Queens at the Rodeo? I'm sold. If only there there had been a parade with floats and carnival rides. Or a swim suit competition... on horses. I love that kind of junk. I got to see my first pair of hot pink Wranglers. Sadly, we missed the bull riding because it was getting so late but everything else was worth the trouble of getting in. A fun night! Thanks for letting us drag you there, Mom and for giving us an excuse to look cool in pink.

Same slideshow here

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Diane said...

Isn't the rodeo awesome? Did you go with us the year we went when Grandma and Grandpa first moved to Lehi? I could have told you it was sold out. If Yaya likes the rodeo tell her to also check out the Spanish Fork rodeo. Thanks for the good pictures. If the guy selling tickets had known what a good photographer you were he would have let you in for free to take pictures.