Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blog Catch-up

I haven't been blogging much lately, here's what's new with us: 

- I have bangs. Not severe straight across the forehead type bangs but side sweepy type bangs. I'm still getting used to them but I'm quite pleased. I drove all the way to to Mesa to get my hair done by my sister-in-law Callie because she does such an awesome job and she gives us an amazing discount. Thank you, Callie. 
- I fell in love with Pandora all over again. 

- I'm gearing to drive up to Utah in a few weeks to take care of my mom. I've been trolling Pandora to find new music for the trip. Any suggestions? It looks like my brother Chris is going to fly from Cairo to Tucson/Phoenix to help me with the drive. I haven't seen him in a year and I can't wait to have him trapped in a car for 12 hours with me and my children. I'm not being sarcastic. I really can't wait. He's a cool kid. 

- I have awesome friends and family who have kindly offered to babysit my kids while I'm in Utah. Thank you thank you thank you. 

- Before I go to Utah, I'm going to GIRLS CAMP! Five days of no cell phone, no laptop, no diet coke and no boys!?!?! (Whoa, look at all those exclamation marks. I'm going to fit right in at Girl's Camp). Am I nuts? The answer is probably yes but I'm still really excited. Camp Zion is located on Mount Lemmon where apparently it gets really cold. Mount Lemmon even has a little ski lift that operates in the winter. I welcome the cold with open arms. Also, there are bears on Mt. Lemmon. I welcome the bears with open arms- Timothy Treadwell style. Seriously, a bear sighting would be amazing. Unfortunately, there have been several skunk sightings in years past and not a lot of bear sightings. I'm sure I'll have a full (and TOTALLY AWESOME!!!) report of Girl's Camp when I get back.

- Have I mentioned that it's really hot? It is. I bought a slip and slide this morning and set it up during Booker's nap. When he woke up, I showed him some YouTube clips to give him an idea of how to slide on his belly. Parent fail, right? Right. It didn't work and I ended up having to suck it up and show him myself how to run and slide. I'm so grateful that only my two boys were witness to my pathetic attempt to slide.

 His swimsuit was too big and eventually slip'n'slided off. 

- You can't quite tell here, but our small patch of grass is hardly big enough to accommodate the slip and slide. I'm ready for a bigger yard and a new house. We've settled on a great family friendly neighborhood just north of Tucson proper and we're getting ready to put an offer in on a house. Crazy. How did I go from paying $235 a month to share a crappy apartment south of campus with 5 other girls to buying an actual house? Growing up is a strange thing. 

- Eight weeks ago I made the switch from Weight Watchers Online to actual Weight Watchers Meetings. Since then, I've lost a measly 10 pounds. I say measly because this morning Clark informs that that he, too, has lost 10 pounds. What the?! I didn't even know he was TRYING to lose weight. I'm at the gym EVERY morning and I stick to a pretty strict diet and I'm lucky if I shave a pound off each week. Clark, on the other hand, switches from eating out 5 times a week with his co-workers to only eating out 3 times a week and automatically drops a million pant sizes. Ugh. 

- Clark has lost 10 pounds and I'm genuinely happy for him! I'm trying not to be jealous of his weight loss success. Some people are just good at losing weight and don't mind working hard to do so- can I pay those people to lose weight for me? It's much more diffcult for Clark to lose weight because the last thing he wants to do after a 10 hour work day is go to the gym. He's pretty faithful about walking every night with the boys and I'm pretty faithful about sitting in front of the TV and enjoying a house to myself while they walk. 

- Ike endured seven days of exploding diarrhea/vomiting and didn't end up in the E.R. Hooray! We're so glad to have him back. He's recently learned how to pull himself up onto things and is loving the new view this offers him. 

- Booker is transitioning from the terrible twos to the even terribler threes.  Last night, I put him on time-out in the bathroom because he was hitting his bedroom door with a baseball bat. He made himself comfortable, lay down on the ground and curled up with a towel as a blanket. He was as happy as a clam in there for a good 20 minutes until he thought he saw a bug. He freaked out and begged to come off time-out. Sigh. When will I have my sweet, attitude-free little boy back?

- Besides my kids, I've been keeping busy with lots of interesting and varied projects- from the usual patent drawings to grad announcements to flyers for a mixed martial arts gym. This week, I'm working on a logo for a Sloppy Joe stand that will provide employment for the saints in Indonesia. How cool is that? 

Anyways, I'll sign off now because the time has come for me to think skinny thoughts, find my most light-weight clothes and attend my weekly WW meeting. 


Dan and Jan said...

You sure are busy. Can you post the art work you have been doing?

Layla said...

I have the same experience with weight lose as you. I work really hard and lose very little weight and Brock gives up one thing and loses more weight than me. It sucks. I also go to weight watchers faithfully and one thing I've learned is that my weigh in is much less in the morning than in the evening. I always go on a Sat morning around 7 a.m. with an empty stomach. For some reason it worked much better than going to the wed night evening one. Oh and I think you seriously look FANTASTIC!

sherry said...

I need a pic of the bangs. The no cell phone rule at Girl's Camp does not apply to adults. You have to know how your kids are doing. Brenley got a kick out of Booker's droopy shorts. "I see his booty!" Silly kids. The reason you are losing weight slowly is because you don't have much to lose. You look amazing! I need to find the money and get back to WW. I have GAINED 12lbs since Ab was born. Crazy hormones(;). Have fun at Girl's Camp and Utah! I am truly jealous.

Shelli said...

Good music -- try Joseph Arthur. Not with his silly band, but just him. I love it!

When will Booker no longer have attitude? Probably when he's about 15, like my perfect son. ;)

Unknown said...

I think some pictures of your little projects are in order...especially the Sloppy Joe logo.